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Product Spotlight: Asia Gas Firepit

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72" Diameter Asia

If you're looking for a unique fire pit for your backyard, the Asia Gas Firepit is it. Designed with minimalist Eastern characteristics, the wide bowl gives you attractive fire options. Many customers like to fill the fire bowl with fire glass to give it an even more elegant and empyrean look.

It's constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel with a temperature resistant coating which won't melt even in the hot fire. Also, it is designed with a rain drain which will keep rain or snow water from pooling in the fire bowl; thus, giving you a clean, dry area for a start-up fire whenever you want.

It comes in four different sizes, so you can pick the one which is the right size for your outdoor living space or garden. Each size comes with the appropriate fire ring burner for the fire pit, which sits at the bottom of the bowl. You can choose whether you want this fire pit to run on propane gas or if you want to run a natural gas line to your fire pit.

The iron oxide finish will deepen over time, and may develop a defined patina look. But, you can always purchase a fire pit cover for this pit if you would rather protect it from the aging effects of the weather.

So, if you're looking for a simplistic fire pit or a creative addition to your Zen garden, this Asia Gas Firepit would be a nice touch. You can really punctuate it with a variety of fire glass color options too.