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How to Ease Arthritis in Dogs

Posted by Serenity Health Editor on

All dogs experience some degree of arthritis as they grow older, some breeds worse than others. If your dog is in excruciating pain, you should consult your veterinarian. But, if your dog is in mild discomfort, here are some remedies which may ease the pain:

Exercise– Keeping your dog lean and fit is the best prevention and management of arthritis. Exercise builds bone and muscle strength and keeps the joints loose and flexible. A lot of inactivity can cause joints to lock up, become stiff, and cause more pain. Even a short walk can help your dog's flexibility. It also increases energy and helps with weight management. If your dog is overweight, that excess pressure can strain your dog's joints.

Massage- There are many instructional websites you can view; otherwise, there are professional pet masseuses which you can take your dog to. This helps muscles relax and increase flexibility as well as circulation. It will help with inflammation which your dog may be suffering from. Its calming and improves your dog's wellness.

Orthopedic Bed- If arthritis is really causing discomfort for your pet, he and she may need to rest a lot of the day. An orthopedic or memory foam bed would be a beneficial investment for your dog. The super soft covers on the beds and the form fitting foam will ease a lot of unnecessary stress on your dog's body. It will provide increased support and take tension off of your dog's joints, giving him or her fuller rest while keeping their body more relaxed, so they aren't stiff when they wake up. Serenity Health offers a wide variety of orthopedic dog beds here.