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Taking Your Dog on a Camping Trip

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Many dog owners take their canines along on camping trips. Most all pets enjoy the freedom and activity of the outdoors. Here are some tips to help your camping trip to go smoothly for you and your dog.

Pack Your Pooch a Bag

Although there will be a lot of things to do, it might be a good idea to take any of their favorite toys, blankets or other items. If your pet sleeps in a dog bed, you might take one along for inside your tent or RV. Some camping dog owners use dog mats inside their tents for allowing their dog to lounge and sleep. Another great idea when you might be cramped for space is a dog tent or soft-sided crate. Your dog stays warm and doesn't take up very much space.

Keep an Eye on Your Dog

Most camping trips take place in the summer months. Your main concern with your dog is making sure that they have enough water and that they get their proper tick treatment before you go. Frontline is a pretty reliable, non-evasive treatment, but check with your vet for other options. Not only could your dog get Lyme disease from the wooded area, but he or she might bring ticks into the tent with them, making you vulnerable.

With high temperatures, your dog can easily become dehydrated as well while playing or running. Be sure that you allow your dog to rest frequently and offer plenty of water. Your dog should be allowed to completely cool down before resuming activities of any kind.

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