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Aromatherapy for Allergy Relief

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Usually in the spring, if I take my allergy medication, I'm okay. But this spring was so crazy with sudden warm weather and weeks of rainy coldness that I couldn't seem to escape the inevitable stuffy nose and dry eyes due to the extreme changes in weather. The pollen didn't know how to respond, and there was so much mold. A lot of people have been struggling this year with allergies, and I am one of them. What's worse is when I get this congested, it usually evolves into a sinus infection. But there are natural and more inexpensive ways to help sinus pressure that you can try before going into the doctor. Check out these two useful aromatherapy products that can help with allergy season this year.

Start with something simple, like the Breathe Easy Face/Sinus Pillow which uses aromatherapy to unclog your sinuses. It's filled with an herbal mixture of spearmint, eucalyptus, and peppermint which gently opens up your nasal passages. You can either heat it up or use it cold to help reduce swelling and relieve the pressure in your face. The fabric is machine washable, and the blue fabric color option is made one hundred percent out of organic material, making it good for the environment as well!

The next step is to clear the air of any floating viruses and annoying pollutants. The A302 Airtamer Personal Air Purifier specializes in cleaning the air to ensure your room is healthier and easier to breathe in, especially when allergy season is around the corner. It's small enough to be placed around your neck or just on the nightstand. This air purifier is easy to travel with so feel free to place it in any room, car, office space, or carry it around with you throughout the day to help eliminate and lessen annoying pollen and dust mites. 

So if you have killer allergies or prone to sinus infections like me, try one or both of these natural approaches first before you go to the doctor. If it's bad, then by all means see a health professional! But, before it gets to that point, these natural remedies may act as good, natural preventatives. You can check out more helpful, relaxing, and healthy aromatherapy products here.