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3 Different Ping Pong Game Variations

Posted by Chuck Gregorich on

There’s several different ways you can play this traditional game, which you may or may not have heard of. It’ll spice up your game play and makes it more fun for friends and family. Here are some variations:

Pic Courtesy of nwasianweekly

Round the World Ping Pong- This game is more entertaining with a larger group of people and a great work out. The first player serves, and the second player returns the serve. Then, both players set down their paddles and run to opposite ends of the table, rotating counter clockwise. The first player to mess up is eliminated, and the next person replaces him. This continues until there is only one person left, and this person is the winner.

Backwards Ping Pong- Before the ball touches your side of the table, you hit the ball downwards on your side, directing it to your opponent’s side. The ball has to reach its highest point on your opponent’s side. Your opponent must then hit it on his side of the table to return to you. You score if your opponent misses the ball AND it also lands on his side of the table.

The Ceiling’s the Limit Ping Pong- This is best in a basement or rec room with a lower ceiling. After the ball bounces on your side, you hit it up to the ceiling. The ball must touch the ceiling and land on your opponent’s side.

These are just three ways you can change up your regular ping pong game. They'’re great calorie burners too!

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