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7 of Our Favorite Spring Decor Items

Posted by Jordan Rasmussen on

Looking to redecorate your yard this spring or give your garden a pop of fresh style and vibrant color? Check out our top 7 favorite decor items that we love to put on display in our own backyards when spring returns and flowers begin to bloom once again!

1. A bright wind spinner.

What better way to give your yard a fresh pop of spring color than with a lively wind spinner! Our spinners are mesmerizing - twirling, dancing, and turning with the slightest breeze. The energetic orange color of our Hummingbird Wind Spinner creates a lovely illumination as the sun rays reflect and bounce off the spinner. 

2. A whimsical gnome.

Full of whimsy and colorful character, our garden gnomes are certainly a playful and unique addition to any yard or garden! Each with their own perky personality, they are sure to fill your outdoor space with joy. Our gnome pictured here, Adam, is one of our favorites! 

3. A vibrant patio umbrella.

Spending more time outdoors this spring just got easier and more enjoyable thanks to the innovative cantilever umbrella with lights pictured above! Each colorful umbrella features eight steel ribs with three solar LED lights on each rib. There is a solar panel on top of the umbrella, and with a flip of a switch you can turn the lights on and off. This umbrella is incredibly energy efficient, as the lights are powered by the solar panel. When fully charged, the lights provide up to eight to ten hours of illumination! Check out all of our unique patio umbrellas today!

4. A squirrel-proof bird feeder.

What better time to invite the birds into your backyard than spring! 'Tis the season for the birds to come out and play, so why not provide them with a cozy place to rest and enjoy a little snack? This green 4-peg squirrel-proof wild bird feeder features a unique, practical design with a plastic tube surrounded by a steel wire cage that prevents squirrels and larger birds from getting to the birdseed. Shop all of our carefully designed bird feeders today!

5. A solar outdoor fountain.

While classic in overall design, this tiered solar fountain is built with a very modern feature - solar power!  It conveniently runs on solar or battery power, giving you the ability to run it day and night or whenever you choose. On bright and sunny days the pump is powered by the solar panel while the battery pack is simultaneously collecting and storing a charge. Eco-friendly and full of style - how can you go wrong with this beautiful water fountain! It's trickling water sounds are sure to bring a tranquil ambiance to your yard! Shop all our solar fountain styles today!

6. A warm wood-burning fire pit.

There's truly nothing better than a warm fire on a cool spring night with friends and family. With our endless nights fire pit, you're sure to spend countless hours huddled around the fire, enjoying the fresh spring air and perfect level of heat from the warm pit! Check out all of our stylish wood-burning fire pits!

7. A mosaic gazing globe ball.

Add a stunning illumination to your outdoor space with one of our captivating gazing globe balls! Each beautiful ball is meticulously crafted from hand blown glass construction giving each piece its own unique features. It's the perfect pop of color your yard needs this spring!

Now's the time to shop these faves so that they're out and on display just in time for the warmer weather!

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