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10 Of Our Favorite Fall Home Decor Items & Ideas

Posted by Jordan Rasmussen on

In case you didn't know, we are big fans of the fall season and the cozy decor that comes with it. We love it all - from the vibrant autumn leaves to the deep orange pumpkins and floral arrangements. We thought it might be time to share some of favorite fall finds this year. From rustic water fountains to DIY wreaths, we are certain you'll find a favorite as well!

1. Woodland tabletop water fountain.

This woodland tree trunk and tiered leaf waterfall tabletop fountain was created with the great outdoors in mind. Resembling a peaceful forestry landscape, this fountain will bring the warmth and beauty of the outdoors to your favorite cozy room in your home. 

2. Three leaf tabletop fountain.

Capture the feeling and true essence of fall and nature with this three leaf cascading tabletop water fountain. Intricately detailed, this water fountain features copper painted metal leaves and stems, along with green painted metal sea grass. It's the perfect fall accent to any indoor living space!

3. Woodstock windchime.

This gregorian alto windchime offers a peaceful ambiance to your outdoor space, while also matching the warm, neutral tones of fall when leaves start to brown. This chime's exceptionally rich sound is sure to provide your landscape with charm and elegance!

4. DIY fall wreath.

Christmas time isn't the only occasion to hang up your wreath - you can make a wreath for any occasion or season! Fall wreaths are especially fun to make because you can get creative with real materials found in nature, like colorful leaves found outside your house, or tiny gourds. Check out these beautiful DIY fall wreath ideas!

5. Tabletop fireplace.

To us, tabletop fireplaces just scream fall! Imagine if you will - a soothing flame, a dark room, a slow burning fire, an interesting book, a cozy couch, a glass of wine, and a pile of blankets. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a relaxing night in, right? Our cubic ventless bio ethanol personal fireplace pictured above is just one of many styles and colors of tabletop fireplaces we have available now. 

6. Fall floral arrangements. 

Floral arrangements make for the perfect table centerpiece. Simply take your favorite vibrant flowers from the garden and create an arrangement that best compliments your indoor theme. For fall, flowers in the shade of red, orange, yellow, light pink, and white are a great combination!

7. Rustic cast iron fire pit.

Fall is about that rustic look, so what better way to incorporate it into your outdoor theme than with a stylish fire pit? Our rustic cast iron fire pit bowl is equipped with a built in log holder, which is perfect for storing and drying your kindling so you can be ready for all your outdoor fires this fall season! So gather around the fire with loved ones, sit back, relax, and enjoy the heat of the flames in the midst of the chilly weather. 

8. Porch swing.

Our wooden patio swing with burnt orange cushions blends in well with the traditional outdoor fall colors! Perfect for your patio, yard, or deck, this comfy swing is designed to last thanks to its Larch wood construction, which is a particular type of wood valued for its strength and water resistance. Shop all our porch swings for more inspiration!

9. Log table lamp.

A table lamp is a subtle, yet stylish piece of decor that pairs well with several different rooms in the home, as well as patio or porch settings. Our indoor/outdoor nature-inspired log table lamp will give your indoor decor a splash of woodland style, and will compliment your outdoor theme with its rustic look. Shop all our table lamps to find the right one for your home!

10. Wind spinners.

There's nothing quite like the glimmer and light that reflects off a beautiful wind spinner when the sun and wind hit it just right. This star wind spinner pairs well with the bright colors of fall, but it is just one of many unique styles and shapes of wind spinners in our vast collection!

Now it's time to get out and start decorating! For more DIY fall decor inspiration, check out these fall themed ideas, tips, and tricks. 

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