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The 12 Best Camping Companions You Need This Summer

Posted by Jordan Rasmussen on

Camping season is well underway, and with the warm weather expected in the summer months ahead, it's safe to say many of us are eager to pack our bags and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the outdoors. But before you venture out on your camping journey, make sure you've packed all the essentials for a wonderful weekend in the woods!

1. Drink Holders 

These patriotic-themed drink holders are the perfect camping companion! They allow you to have your drink of choice nearby while enjoying story-telling and relaxation gathered 'round the sparky campfire!

2. Foldable/Portable Tray Table

Dining around the campfire for the night? This portable and foldable tray food table is just what you need to help you conveniently enjoy those tasty, grilled veggies and ice cold drink!

3. Camping Hammock

Of course, you can't go camping without a camping hammock, especially if you love sleeping under the stars in a cozy cocoon! Enjoy ultimate comfort and functionality with our portable camping parachute hammock; this hammock is lightweight and easy to fold up to fit nicely in your backpack!

4. Marshmallow Skewers

If you want the best roasted mallows in town, you'll definitely need this set of skewers featuring decorative, colorful handles. The leather ties on the top of the skewers give you a way to easily hang them for storage in the garage, basement or shed!

5. Portable Folding Fire Pit

When you're living life on the go, it's important to travel light with portable, easy to fold items! This fire pit is all of these things - portable, foldable, lightweight (weighing only 12 pounds), and easy to travel with. If you've been hiking or biking all day in the great outdoors, this fire pit is simple to set up when you come back to your campgrounds for the night ready to relax and enjoy a warm fire!

6. Cooking Grill/Grate

A cooking grate is a wonderful option when you already have a fire pit on the campground and just need something to cook your food on! This X-marks cooking grill comes in a variety of sizes as you can see above. Simply place this metal cooking grate over your fire pit and wahlaa! You now have an easy and efficient way to grill up food on the spot.

7. Quick-Up Instant Canopy

Camping with the whole family or a large group of friends? A quick-up canopy is just what you need when the sun gets too hot and everyone needs a little shade! This canopy comes with a convenient carrying bag, too!

8. Cast Iron Griddle

This pre-seasoned, cast iron griddle is large enough to cook multiple foods at once for the whole camping clan! The reversible feature gives you the option to use the smooth side for cooking pancakes, eggs, or sandwiches while the grooved grill side can be used for hamburgers or steaks!

9. Fire Poker

This fire poker is easy to use and is a great tool to have around when camping! It allows you to adjust or move logs within your fire pit at a safe distance. It's a must-have item on your next trip!

10. Solar Lantern

What better way to shed a little light on your cozy campsite than with an environmentally friendly solar lantern? "Charge" it during the day by making sure it gets plenty of sun so that it can shine bright at night running off only the power of sunshine!

11. Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs - one of the best things to help you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the sounds and sights of the nature around you! Our rocking wave lounger is just one of our favorites; it is specifically designed for placement in the outdoors, as they feature weather-resistant Textilene seat material that will endure year-round!

12. Portable Camping Shovel

When you're heading to the campground to enjoy the great outdoors, don’t forget this steel portable shovel with the rest of your gear! Durably built of black powder-coated carbon steel, this multifunctional shovel can help you get things done around your campsite!

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