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4 Easy Exercises For Low Energy Days

Posted by Jordan Rasmussen on

Sometimes, you're just not feeling it. We've all experienced several days that feel a little like this: you're tired, in a fog, and unable to concentrate on work. Just the mere thought of exercise absolutely exhausts you, and you're dragging through the morning painfully slow. On a day like this, there's no sense in forcing yourself to jog a mile in the afternoon or head to the gym to lift weights. It's best to take it easy and find a simple exercise that will get your body moving, but won't push you to the edge. Our favorite Paleo vlogger and super mom Michele Spring is here to share some simple ways you can easily include movement and fitness into your day when feeling low on energy and motivation. We'll break it down for you below, but be sure to check out the video first!

Also, check out Michele's Youtube channel Thriving on Paleo for more workout tips, Paleo food recipes, wellness advice, and more!

1. Go for a walk!

Michele makes it clear in her video that walking does not have to be an over-the-top cardio event! You don't even have to shower afterwards because you can walk through the neighborhood at your own pace and not have to work up a sweat. Michele also mentions that getting out in the sunshine is a great idea anyways because it will help with your vitamin D levels, and a little vitamin boost is always a plus!

2. Yoga!

When you're feeling exhausted, yoga is a peaceful exercise that will benefit you both physically and mentally. Michele states that yoga does not have to be difficult, sweat inducing, or anything that over exerts your body. We at Serenity Health know that it can be quite calming and gentle if you decide to choose a more "beginner" level approach to yoga. By no means do you need to push yourself over the limit with this exercise! Michele informs us that there are plenty of yoga videos, DVDs, subscriptions, and more out there on the Internet that can help properly instruct you to complete this exercise. 

Michele is using our High Density Yoga Exercising Mat in her video to complete her yoga routine. The PVC foam construction used to create our mat makes for comfortable, gentle workouts. It can be used with multiple activities like yoga, Pilates, and the next exercise below! 

3. Planks!

Michele shares that planks are a beneficial exercise because they work your entire body, and they're not as difficult as they may look. On her worst low energy days, Michele would just do one 30 second plank a day. Plus, this is another exercise that you don't have to get into workout clothes for - Michele would do planks every morning after she got ready for work! Planks are a great way to get a short workout in without completely exhausting yourself!

4. Countertop pushups!

While Michele demonstrates these pushups in her video, she also explains that this form of pushup is much easier than doing pushups on the ground. She says you could even do these flat against the wall if that makes it easier for you. As your energy level increases throughout the day or week, change the "slope level" of these pushups to increase the difficulty. 

At the end of the day, it's all about listening to your body and doing what is most comfortable for you when you're having a low energy day! We hope you feel as inspired as we do to get some daily fitness in after taking in all of Michele's helpful and motivating tips!

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