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Kids' Teepees and Bean Bag Furniture

Bean Bag Furniture: Fun Comfort For Everyone!

There is nothing better than flopping onto a bean bag chair and letting the tiny beans conform to the shape of your body in a hug-like manner. Serenity Health & Home Decor offers a large selection of bean bag furniture that is excellent for kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, media rooms, lounge spaces and more areas where you want super-comfy furniture that’s portable, versatile and (most importantly) fun! While they are wildly popular with kids, we have sizes that are perfect for adults to lounge on, too.

Our extensive selection of bean bag chairs comes in a range of sizes, shapes, fabrics and colors to please every taste. You will find oval and pod-shaped bean bags, in quality brushed cotton, faux fur, denim, suede and more. When it comes to colors and patterns, we offer a rainbow-like assortment of solid hues and a kaleidoscope of patterns — from animal prints to tie dye.

Put this floppy furniture in any room that could use a boost in seating, comfort and a more relaxed vibe. Able to go where other furniture can’t, and without marring the flooring surface that it’s on, the chairs are exceptionally easy to rearrange when you want to freshen up a space.

These cozy bean bag chairs make great gifts, and for that personalized touch, we are happy to help you create monogrammed bean bag chairs for your children to use in their bedrooms. Serenity Health will monogram the bean bag chair in your preferred font and font color. They are absolutely perfect as birthday gifts or move-in gifts for all the kids, teens and adults on your gift-giving list. Many of our bean bag chairs feature removable covers so you can wash them when they get dirty or stained. What is more, some of our bean bag furniture is made from safe, 100 percent recycled materials for an eco-friendly approach.

If you are feeling crafty, we also sell bulk bean bag chair filler that you can use to create your own DIY bean bag chairs or to replace the beans in chairs you already own.

For your convenience and peace of mind, Serenity Health has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our monogrammed bean bag chairs and offers a price-matching guarantee.

While you are decorating your child’s bedroom or play area, consider including one of our teepees. Available in your choice of cotton canvas or polyester, our assortment of teepees provides children with a cozy, enclosed area where they can read, relax, do their homework, play or tell ghost stories when they invite their BFF over for a sleepover. Our teepees come in a sturdy, four-pole wooden style and are approximately 5-feet high. Cleaning them is easy: Wash the cotton fabric in cold water and wipe the polyester fabric with a damp cloth.