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Foam Furniture

Find Foam Furniture In All Sizes, From Kid-Sized Chairs & Poofs To Bean-Bag Beds

You will love these various styles of foam furniture.  Filled with a soft, cushioning crushed polyurethane foam, these foam furniture pieces contour to your body when you sit, offering you a remarkably comfortable, relaxing experience.  You will find Children's Foam Furniture along with a variety of sizes for teens and adults.  Even pieces that make great dorm furniture.  The X-Large Royal Sack by King Beany or the 6 Foot Foam Loungers make the perfect Giant Bean Bags.  Even better, the 7 Foot Foam Lounger has been known to double as a bean bag bed!  

Unlike traditional bean bag chairs that need periodic refilling, these foam chairs don't flatten out. They stay plump, soft, and comfy for many years. When needed they can be refilled with foam, when you desire. 


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