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Nature Sound Alarm Clocks & Sound Therapy Systems

Natural Wake Up Alarm Clocks: Start The Day Right

Waking up bright and early is hard to do, and when you are jolted awake by the sound of a screeching alarm, the experience is that much more unpleasant. Start your day on a much softer, calming note with our selection of Nature Sound Alarm Clocks. Brands such as HoMedics and Sound Oasis have redefined the science of waking up. Their innovative alarm clocks offer a bevy of sophisticated features so you can start your day right. Imagine waking up to the melody of chirping birds, the ocean surf, a forest stream or spring rain. Need a gentle nudge to get you up and out of bed? Many modern alarm clocks also offer light therapy — a system that simulates a natural sunrise to help you wake up more gradually. In wake-up mode, the light starts to brighten 30 minutes before your set alarm time, gradually getting brighter and brighter. We have a variety of sizes and designs of alarm clocks available to complement your bedroom. We also have travel alarm clocks, so you can wake up gently and peacefully when you’re away from home.

Sleep Better with Sound Therapy

In addition to our quality lineup of nature-inspired alarm clocks, we have an extensive inventory of Sound Therapy Systems. Experts agree that listening to the tranquil sounds of nature or steady white noise can quiet an overactive mind and help the mind and body relax. Rather than staying up at night replaying the events of the day or thinking about all that you have to accomplish the next day, sound therapy machines redirect your attention to soothing sounds of the wind, a crackling bonfire, the steady hum of white noise and a great many other melodies. Sound therapy is also beneficial for those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep due to noisy distractions such as a snoring sleep partner, loud neighbors, street traffic or construction outside their bedroom window.

Build an Impressive Library of Sounds

Be sure to browse our growing selection of sound cards to expand your collection of stress-relieving sounds. Customize your listening experience by choosing from a variety of different genres, including sea life, rain forest, wildlife and more; listen to the ocean waves crashing against the rocks one night and a chorus of crickets on a summer night the next.

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Experience sleeping and waking the way humans were always meant to. Our systems are from leading brands, and most are ready to ship the day you order. Browse our online catalog or contact us to find the natural sound alarm clock that’s right for you.



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