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Nature Sound Alarm Clocks & Sound Therapy Systems

Natural Wake Up Alarm Clocks: Start The Day Right

Waking up is hard to do…especially when you wake up to the sounds of a screeching alarm clock or bellowing radio shock-jock. Start your day on a much softer note with nature sound alarm clocks from Serenity Health & Home Décor. A nature sound machine clock will peacefully wake you from a deep sleep so you feel happier and more rested.

Our catalog offers a wide range of natural wake up alarm clocks. With a natural alarm clock, you can choose to Fall asleep and wake up to sounds such as:

  • Ocean waves
  • Summer nights
  • Thunderstorms
  • Chimes
  • Spring rain
  • Mountain streams
A natural sound therapy system will handle both days and nights. Lull yourself to sleep with chanting, chimes, soft music or even a white noise alarm clock that blocks out creaks, street noise and other distractions. Many of our alarm clocks feature Adaptive Sound, which listens to your environment and adjusts the volume accordingly. That means, when a garbage truck or snow plow rolls through your alley at 4 am, you’ll hear nothing but ocean waves.

Sleep Better with Sound Therapy

Thousands of years ago, before people built cities, they had only the sounds of nature to lull them to sleep. Today, we call the use of nature sounds for sleep ‘sound therapy.’ Chanting, music, and natural sounds are common forms of sound therapy. Some years ago, researchers discovered that nature sounds were especially effective at inducing sleep. Later they determined that waking to gentle sounds was similarly beneficial: waking to a gentle sound is a much less stressful way to start the day. Using this scientific research, makers of natural wake up alarm clocks have created devices that provide the sound therapy that will help you sleep better than ever and wake up refreshed.

Features and Accessories for Natural Sounds Alarm Clocks

Because our catalog features such a wide range of natural sounds alarm clocks, you’re sure to find the one that will help you start your morning just right. Options include:

By ordering an alarm clock with nature sounds and an iPhone dock, you will have even more control about how you fall asleep and wake up. You can even enjoy relaxing sounds directly underneath your head using a sleep therapy pillow. With our affordably-priced nature sound machine clocks, you may even look forward to waking up.

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Experience sleeping and waking the way humans were always meant to. Our systems are from leading brands, and most are ready to ship the day you order. Browse our online catalog or contact us to find the natural sound alarm clock that’s right for you.



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