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Natural Alarm Clocks & Sound Therapy

Gradual Alarm Clocks Help You Wake Up Naturally

Wake up to the soft sounds of nature and/or gradual brightening of your room lights with smartly deigned natural alarm clocks and sound therapy products from Serenity Health & Home Décor. This is a less stressful way to wake up, compared to the loud, jarring noises made by traditional alarm clocks. Why be jarred awake when you can be soothingly coaxed into wakefulness with our healthy alarm clocks. Using a gentle wake alarm clock or sound therapy system can help reduce stress and give you a brighter feeling right from the start.

A natural alarm clock allows you to great the day brightly and peacefully and makes a great gift for friends and family members. Choose the combination you want for yourself; then choose an affordably priced option for a friend. With our price-match guarantee, we will match any lower price you find on the same product under almost all circumstances. So, enjoy our low prices with this healthful purchase. Multiple models are available so you can find the peaceful alarm clock that meets your needs.

Nature Sounds Alarm Clocks use sound therapy technology to induce sleep and help you wake up stress free. Our nature sounds alarms utilize the soothing sounds of birds, rain, campfires, thunder and other natural noises to help you fall asleep at night and then wake up refreshed the next day. Natural sound alarm clocks are available in innovative designs that let you purchase additional sound cards or tap into pre-recorded MP3 sounds. White noise MP3s are available to download from our site. Find your favorite sounds from nature to gently awaken you each morning.

Sunrise Simulators are available in several designs from One is a dawn simulator, with light that gradually brightens to full illumination at the set time. The second connects to your existing light and slowly brightens it, as if the sun were rising. Another combines the elements of a slowly-emerging dawn while gently increasing the volume of the accompanying radio. The fourth brings in the dawn with subtle nature sounds and/or typical alarm features on an ordinary alarm clock. If the sudden onset of sunlight is what jolts you awake before you’re ready, a sunrise alarm clock will ease you into the day.

Baby Sound Machines block out the street noise and other harsh sounds that can interrupt a baby’s slumber. They are available in several different styles. We have baby sound machines with motion picture projection and portable baby sound machines. Our selection includes plush sound machines that double as sleep toys. This is a thoughtful gift for new parents. Or buy one for yourself to gently lull you to sleep like a baby.

Contact Serenity Health & Home Décor

If you have questions about sunrise simulators, nature sounds alarm clocks or other therapeutic sleep solutions, contact Serenity Health & Home Décor today. Our friendly, knowledgeable representatives can help you find the item that will help you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.Serenity Health offers free shipping on orders of more than $50 and ships most items the day you order. Get a peaceful alarm clock and wake up better than ever!



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