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Wind Spinners

Be Mesmerized By The Majestic Motion Of These Charming Wind Spinners

Decorate with a Copper Wind Spinner

The addition of lawn ornaments can accentuate the best parts of your garden, landscaping and exterior of your home. Even more amazing than wind chimes or fabric wind spinners; our elegant copper wind sculptures will charm you and your guests as they freely and gracefully dance, twirl and spin in both gentle breezes and the wind. Some of the metal sculpture choices feature an eye-catching inner spinner that rotates counter-clockwise in the wind while the larger outer spinner twirls in a clockwise motion. Another option, our copper powder coated steel wind spinners feature a high gloss finish to make them weatherproof. All of these striking metal wind spinners are hand crafted to perfection; which makes for a beautiful addition both indoors, and out.

All wind spinners come completely ready to hang.  No Assembly Required.

Looking for sound, maybe the soft sound of chimes colliding freely in the wind?  Be sure to check out our entire selection of quality wind chimes as well; they make the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and more.


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