Floor Fountains

Our Floor Water Fountains & Standing Waterfalls Are Perfect For Indoor & Outdoor Placement

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These beautiful indoor floor fountains and waterfalls are magnificent in every way. They look stunning, make a unique and dramatic statement wherever placed, and all of these standing waterfalls make beautiful, soothing waterfall sounds. All of our floor fountains are hand crafted, using natural materials, such as copper, slate, glass, and ceramic. In addition, they are practically maintenance free, and there are many choices for indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you are looking for a standing waterfall for in or outdoors, any one of these floor fountains will give you a tremendous amount of relaxing joy for many years. 

Floor Fountains are available in both indoor and outdoor designs in a variety of materials. Both waterfall and cascading water designs are represented in this multifaceted water fountain style.

Slate Floor Standing Fountains

Slate has the appealing quality of variegated layers that draw water into pleasing rivulets. Slate is also appealing because of its diverse colors and the fact that each piece is totally unique. Since slate fountains are self-contained, they are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

Floor Fountains with Glass and Acrylic

Clear and reflective floor fountains often contain etched glass elements that make this style especially appealing.  Artfully designed shapes with subtle lighting and colored internal bubbles are also available in this special floor fountain category.

Stainless and Copper Floor Fountains

No doubt about it, stainless is equally attractive as a frame and water receptacle,  or as a reflective backdrop. Heat treated copper, with its multi-colored surface is equally attractive. In this category you will not only find etched glass and reflective chrome surfaces, but innovative copper designs.

Fiberglass Floor Fountains

Easy to maintain fiberglass fountains are lightweight and durable. They carry the distinction of being moldable into any shape, size or form. The fountains in this category are, without exception, works of art.

Cast Stone Floor Fountains

Cast Stone fountains can be molded into any shape imaginable. In addition, they are substantial in weight and cannot easily be removed from a property. With cast stone fountains, you get added tensile strength and finished products that look like marble, granite and fine concrete fountains. 

Indoor fountains can be used anywhere including restaurants, shops, spa, etc. No customer will be disappointed with the trickling flow of water from the water fountain. Soft gurgling sounds created by the flow of water creates an ambiance as if you are near a stream or waterfall.

Not finding the sizes or look you want? Request a custom water feature quote.  We have also identified some large floor fountains that are perfect as commercial fountains and allow you to keep the cost down as they have already been designed.


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