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Floor Fountains

Our Floor Water Fountains & Standing Waterfalls Are Perfect For Indoor & Outdoor Placement

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The hand-crafted indoor floor fountains and waterfalls from Serenity Health & Home Décor will make a visually dramatic addition to your home or business. We have large indoor floor fountains and outdoor standing water fountains. The soothing waterfall sounds will add a serene feeling to any room. Shop water fountains with waterfall or cascading water features that are crafted with natural materials like copper, slate, glass and ceramic.

We carry top brands, including our exclusive Sunnydaze Decor waterfall fountain line. As the exclusive dealer for Sunnydaze Decor floor fountains for indoors and outdoors, we can offer same-day or next-business-day shipping. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders of any brand of indoor floor fountain. With our price-match guarantee, you can enjoy the lowest prices on our home and lifestyle décor.

Slate Floor Standing Fountains

Slate has the appealing quality of variegated layers that draw water into pleasing rivulets. Slate is also attractive for its diverse colors. Each handcrafted slate floor fountain is unique. Since slate fountains are self-contained, they are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

Floor Fountains with Glass and Acrylic

Clear and reflective floor fountains often contain etched glass elements that make this style especially appealing. Artfully designed shapes with subtle lighting and colored internal bubbles are also available in this special floor fountain category from

Stainless and Copper Floor Fountains

Stainless steel creates an attractive look as a frame and water receptical or as a reflective backdrop. Heat-treated copper, with its multi-colored surface, will create a handsome focal point in your home or office. In this category, find etched glass and reflective chrome surfaces, as well as innovative copper designs.

Fiberglass Floor Fountains

Easy-maintenance fiberglass waterfall floor fountains are lightweight and durable. Because they are easily molded, you will find diverse designs. The fountains in this category are works of art.

Cast Stone Floor Fountains

Cast stone fountains can be easily molded. They are substantial in weight, so they and cannot easily be removed from a property. With cast stone fountains, you get added tensile strength and finished products that look like marble, granite and fine concrete fountains. Although they are heavier, they are lighter than natural stones.

Indoor fountains can be placed in executive suites, hotels, restaurants, shops, spas, community centers and schools. Soft gurgling sounds formed by the flow of water creates an ambiance reminiscent of the sounds you hear standing near a stream or waterfall.

Not finding the sizes or look you want? Request a custom water feature quote. We have also identified large floor fountains for use as commercial fountains. These fountains will keep your costs down, because they already have been designed. 


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