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Fountain Cleaning & Care Products

Cleaning & Care Products For Indoor & Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor Fountain Buyer's Guide


Cleaning your water fountains, indoors or out is critical to a clean, long lasting, beautiful fountain.  Using distilled water will prolong the need to clean your fountains however, it does not eliminate it.  Anywhere you have water, you will get algae and hard water stains (calcium deposits) so cleaning and care is crucial.  Below you will find many fountain care and cleaning products for indoor fountains, outdoor fountains and ponds.  Using these maintenance products in your fountain or pond makes cleaning easier and faster and keeps your pond and fountain water fresh.

When used regularly, these products can drastically prolong the time between cleanings and help eliminate bad odors and white scale build up in your ponds and water fountains.  You will also find articles and tips on cleaning and maintaining water fountains, wall fountain cleaning guides and how to remove white scale.  Remember, a little water fountain love and care can go along way!

Don't forget to accent your indoor and outdoor fountains with underwater lighting, make your fountain the focal point of any space.


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