Solar Pond Fountains

Floating Solar Fountains & Solar Pond Pumps: Perfect For Small Ponds & Pools

Solar Fountain Buyer's Guide

Solar Powered Fountains: An Easy Way to Keep Water from Stagnating

How do you keep your pond from getting stagnant? Make sure the water is always moving, just like it would in a natural stream fed pond. Solar powered fountains and pumps keep water moving in your pond or pool so it’s always fresh, and they don’t require running expensive electric lines.  The floating lily has been very popular as well as the solar pump and panel kits that come complete with everything you need to place it in your pond. 

Floating Solar Fountains for Attracting Nature 

You will find that wildlife such as birds and butterflies love the moving water and will definitely give your pond something a new meaning of life.  If you want to attract them to your pool or pond, a floating solar fountain keeps the water fresh, as well as providing a spot for them to land and rest their wings. Floating solar fountain pumps are an ideal way to attract nature without having to run electrical lines or extension cords.   

Smart Solar – Enjoy Your Fountain Even When the Sun Goes Down

Some of these floating solar fountains also have the battery backup so you can enjoy them when the sun goes down and the sun will power it back up when it comes up.


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