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Pond Fountains

Aerating Pond Fountains: Take Your Pond To The Next Level With A Pond Pump & Pond Lights

Outdoor Fountain Buyer's Guide

Serenity Health offers dependable, low maintenance lake or pond fountains with a variety of available options. They are perfect for large ponds, lakes and commercial uses.  Aerating pond fountains can also significantly reduce algae growth in your pond offering a much more environmentally friendly area for you to enjoy.  You will want to find a cozy spot and watch for hours. 

These pond fountains and lake pumps come complete with everything you need to get your aerating pond fountain running.  Most of them offer beautiful lighting options to accent the fountain itself. 

Pond Fountains offer an opportunity to incorporate grandiose or gentile water elements into ponds, disappearing fountains, or streams. We offer everything from tall fountain displays to lily pond bubbling aerators to accomplish any goal you wish to attain.

Devised from materials ranging from resin, to stainless steel, the choices are as varied and elegant as your pond design.  Water heights ranging from 2" bubbling lily pads to 30' tall geysers. These diverse pond embellishments are sure to provide hours of pleasure while keeping your pond or stream feature sparkling clean.

Pond fountains can be divided into geyser types that spew 15' to 30' into the air, or fountain types, that create a circular pattern of constantly spraying water. They are available in one to three phase arrays that suit varying display desires. We offer a full line of support materials that will help you determine whether you need a 1 or 5 HP pump, (depending upon the size of your pond), and that describe the variations attainable in 2 or 3 phase arrays. These materials also detail the lighting options available for each particular design.

Also in this category are disappearing pond features - those ingenuous fountains that stand erect atop a rock bed, and that seemingly have no water source. Please note that just because a picture shows a pond fountain, it doesn't mean it is not also available in a disappearing fountain design. It is worth clicking on each picture that appeals to you.

When it is time to replace miscellaneous parts, we can obtain them for you. We offer an impressive supply of pond pumps and a full array of lighting, to ensure that your water feature is as alluring during the evening as it is during the day.

We also offer a full selection of solar pump and panel kits for smaller applications.  Shop here.


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