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Garden Fountains - Other Materials

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Durable Garden Fountains to Enhance your Landscaping Projects!

Outdoor Fountain Buyer's Guide

Serenity Health has many garden fountains to choose from.  Find many unique garden fountains in various outdoor fountain and garden fountain styles in various durable materials, such as wood, slate, resin and stainless steel.  One of these outdoor fountains is sure to make the perfect addition to your landscaping or gardens. 

Garden Outdoor Fountains are the perfect embellishment for many areas of your garden or patio. Incorporating a garden fountain into your outdoor living environment will provide hours of relaxing pleasure and draw guests to their unique ambiance. This is especially true for these fountains, that are made from diverse and exciting materials, in scenes and innovative designs that make them uniquely apropos to your discriminating tastes.


Constructed from resin or fiberglass, these statuettes range from whimsical depictions of children playing in the garden to religious garden statues - all with water elements. Also available are child-like figurines that sit atop fountains or among garden elements. Some are suitable for table top placement. The beautiful garden statues of women and couples embracing one another and playing with their children are also part of this category. These 4' tall statues have hollow centers that enhance the sound of water moving. They are light weight, and will not crack during winter weather.

 Natural Elements

The artful mountain and wood scenes depicted in these beautiful garden fountains are elegantly composed and bring nature's elements to your outdoor living space. Choose from two bear cubs wandering a stream bed, to a simple pond, enclosed in wood and stones. Other scenes depict pots pouring into a moss-covered log, waterfalls emerging from a rugged cliff and waterfalls pouring through down-fell logs. All these pieces are constructed of fiberglass or resin and are lightweight, easy to clean, and contain lighting for nighttime pleasure.

Faux Clay and Ceramic Bubbling Fountains

Some of the loveliest jars and bubbling fountains can be found in this category. A graceful swan holds a bubbling ball - her elegant pose seemingly carved from wood. Resin jars that look like the finest ceramics. Bubbling balls on exquisitely colored pedestals. The array of bubbling fountains in this category are lightweight, fiberglass and resin composites and are simply elegant.

Stainless Steel Fountains

Whether you prefer a gazing ball or a horizontal fountain that is set on its own stand, or buried among rocks, the variety is available in this category. Disappearing fountains seemingly have no water source, since the water is hidden beneath a rock bed. They are dramatic centerpieces for any outdoor living environment, and will invite guests to explore them, time and time again.

Miscellaneous Fountains

The rest of the fountains in this category are equally as pleasing. Tall fountains that emulate eternal flames, disappearing fountains that are elegantly tiered from great heights, and floor fountains that make exciting dividers between garden elements. Watering pails with spigots, fountain tables that can stand among your flowers, cut pipes that rise gently out of ponds and enhance the sound of falling water. All are worth exploring and enjoying.

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Purchase one of these durable outdoor fountains or garden fountains today to spruce up your outdoor environment. Not finding what you are looking for be sure to check out our entire selection of garden fountains in all materials.