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Disappearing Fountains

Disappearing Outdoor Fountains: Elegant Beauty With Minimum Maintenance

Outdoor Fountain Buyer's Guide

Now you see it, now you don't!  Disappearing fountain reservoirs are now in great demand due to a bare minimum of maintenance.  These disappearing garden and pond water features tend to stay cleaner because there is no pool of water to catch debris as the water disappears into the hidden basin below. 

Place your disappearing fountain in an existing landscape or pond or bring it close by placing it on a deck or patio.  You can also get the skirt surrounding the reservoir if you don't want to bury the base.  The features can function just like any other outdoor water fountain.  You can accent using natural stone, a contemporary water feature, or bring drama into the picture using elements that compliment the landscape design.  Every garden should have 1, 2 or 3 water features!   These disappearing fountains are especially stunning as a guidepost midway through the garden or a "Welcome" at front doors and entryways.

There are many other garden fountains available that feature attractive basins that can sit on a deck or patio as well.  Click here to see all of our outdoor water fountains.


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