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Outdoor Fountains With Carved Slate

Hand-Carved Slate Fountains: Made Of Natural Material That Will Last Forever!

Outdoor Fountain Buyer's Guide

Our hand carved multi-tier natural slate water fountains are simply MAGNIFICENT. Meticulously carved pools of flowing water interact with each other, to make very beautiful, soothing waterfalls sounds. You'll feel like you're out in a forest near a stream or river. Excellent for indoor or outdoor use, these slate fountains will turn your environment into a place of peace and relaxation.

You can choose from 2 or 3-tier slate along with different diameters to essentially create the size you are looking for.  Choose from mariposa slate from California, rajah slate from India or jade slate from China.  Each fountain is like a work of art, and no two are exactly alike. The slate's texture, color, and carved shape of the fountain you receive may not look exactly like the picture here, but it will be very similar and very beautiful.  Be sure to see our many varieties of outdoor fountains.


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