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Indoor Fountains

Decorate Your Space with Indoor Water Features

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Indoor Tabletop Fountains

Indoor Tabletop Fountains

Enjoy instant stress relief to your home or desk with a tabletop fountain. Available in several materials.

Indoor Wall Fountains

Indoor Wall Fountains

These striking wall fountains add ambiance to any room or office area in which they are placed.

Indoor Floor Fountains

Indoor Floor Fountains

Create a stunning entrance to your home or office or create a focal point in your room with a floor fountain.

Water Walls

Water Walls

These standing fountains create a wall of water and make a dramatic statement.

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Make a Statement with an Indoor Water Fountain

Indoor fountains add soothing ambiance and unique beauty to any home or business. Whether you’re looking for a wall mounted, floor standing, or tabletop model, Serenity Health has the perfect indoor water features for any setting.

Indoor Water Features for the Home

An indoor waterfall or an indoor water fountain will give any room a special je ne sais quoi. Among the many benefits of water fountains for home use are the soothing water sounds they create, which help melt away the stresses of the day and relax you.Water makes people come together and truly provides a sense of calm.

Indoor water features can also spruce up the décor of any room. Interior designers have been adding indoor waterfalls and indoor fountains to homes for years, and our extensive inventory makes it easy to find the perfect one to complement your decorating style.

An indoor fountain is practically guaranteed to make whatever room it’s in your new favorite room in the house. Whether it’s a small tabletop model or a wall-mounted indoor waterfall, you’ll be amazed at how striking and enjoyable it will be in your home—you’ll never want to turn it off!

Indoor Water Features for Commercial or Public Spaces

Just like water fountains for home use, an indoor water feature in a business setting can truly add value and will change the look of a room in an instant. Adding an indoor fountain to you lobby, office, or reception area will give your clients and customers one more thing to remember you by. Designers love indoor water fountains because they draw people’s attention, they’re beautiful to look at, and their soothing water sounds create a unique ambiance in the room, making customers feel at ease.

For even greater impact, add your company logo or slogan to your fountain. This gives you a secondary way to advertise your business and will keep people talking. You’ll be surprised how much attention an indoor water fountain can bring to your business.

Contact Serenity Health for more information on our indoor water fountains and indoor waterfalls.

We also carry a large selection of outdoor water fountains to accent your patio or garden area.

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