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Granite Outdoor Fountains

Granite Fountains are sure to make a statement in your garden!

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Outdoor Fountain Buyer's Guide

Granite Water Fountains are a perfect garden embellishment.  Five main advantages of Granite Fountains are affordability, beauty & craftsmanship, durability and selection.  The beauty of a granite garden fountain begins with the natural stones used in their creation. Unlike man-made products, granite actually improves with age as the elements of nature add patinas to the stone.  

These outdoor fountains are hand carved from solid granite; an art which takes years to develop and perfect. This craftsmanship is a direct result of generations of stone carvers passing along their skills and knowledge. This expertise and dedication is evident throughout the Granite fountain collection. 

Granite is one of the hardest minerals and has been used for centuries to decorate gardens. The high-quality granite is nearly impervious to freezing weather, water, heat and wind, making it a superior choice.

They are designed to sit atop rocks that cover a large water reservoir, (usually 20 gallons). This reservoir is usually buried beneath them, but can be placed inside a nearby planter if preferred. With no apparent water source, granite water fountains seem to miraculously bubble water from their interior.

Granite has been a favorite garden and statue material for millennia. This material loves water, and the designs carved into them seem to intensify in beauty the longer they are exposed to the elements.

Polished granite has a surface that at times seems to pull you into its depths, and at other times seems to shine with luminescence. For this reason, polished granite is used is some of the world's finest art pieces. The polished granite fountains represented in this collection are no exception.

Finally, unfinished granite. Its raw form is indicative of pieces you would find at very ancient sites where water was as important to them, as it is to us.

Your granite fountains will require very little care. 

We also carry a full selection of cast stone outdoor fountains in any size.  Check them out today.

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