Water Fountain Accessories

Fountain Pumps, Outdoor Fountain Covers, Cleaning & Care Products, & More

Prolong the life of your indoor and outdoor fountains with these accessories.  Fountain care products can do everything from keeping your fountain water fresh and clear of sludge, keeping hard water stains away, even keeping stains our of your birdbath.  You will also find fountain covers to keep your outdoor fountains lasting longer so they are protected through the winter months. 

If you have a solar fountain we also carry many replacement solar pumps and panels as well as kits to convert your outdoor electric fountain to a solar powered one. 

You will also find auto fill kits so you can hook your fountain up to a water line rather than a manual fill as well as LED light kits so you can enjoy your feature into the evening.  Shop now and make the most our of your outdoor and indoor fountains. 


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