Desktop Fountains

Bring Serenity, Relaxation, & Feng Shui To Your Workplace With A Desk Waterfall

We have selected some our wonderful waterfall fountains that have also been popular desktop fountain styles.  These desk fountains can sit on the smallest of places on your desk so you can enjoy the peacefulness of their flowing water sounds and provide a relief from the stresses of everyday life.  You will be amazed at how much more calm you will feel as you go through your workday with just this little addition of calming water sounds from a desktop fountain at work or home.  Most of the tabletop water fountain styles will work fine as desktop waterfalls, what you see here are some smaller, space saving styles that fit nicely on a desk.

The entire line of desktop table fountains are uniquely designed to fit onto smaller spaces while still providing the serenity of moving water. Their dimensions are never larger than 12".  Many are constructed of lightweight resin, while others include components like slate, copper, or ceramic.

The desktop fountains included in this category have miniaturized appeal. They expertly exhibit the visual motion and sensory sound of water, yet nostalgically express the unique breadth of their artistic theme. Whether you prefer zen-like nature features, architectural details, or gently pouring bowls and pitchers, their artful representation of these subjects will surely please. 

The following desk fountains combine several elements into one presentation:

Water and Fire

The Eternity Three Candles Tabletop Fountain includes three candles 

 (Tea light candles are used for easy replacement).

Water and Light

 The Abstract Tabletop Fountain is a miniature waterfall, illuminated from within.

Water and Air

The Mantra Indoor Tabletop Fountain features suspended pebbles that gently sway to the movement of water and to the air that sirs around them.

Water and Metal

The Sphere Indoor Tabletop Fountain includes a reflective copper gazing sphere that is designed to induce relaxation.


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