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Custom Water Fountain Examples

Create a space that reflects your personal sense of style or your corporate identity with a custom fountain from Serenity Health. We have customized our fountains for use in a variety of spaces such as hotel lobbies, medical and dental offices, restaurants and other corporate settings. The addition of indoor waterfalls or outdoor fountains can transform your space into a relaxing and rejuvenating haven.

  • By adding custom fountains to your business lobby or waiting area, you provide the soothing sounds of trickling water to visitors and employees alike. The natural, calming sounds of custom indoor waterfalls and fountains can dampen ambient noise in the workplace and maintain a tranquil atmosphere for your establishment. We invite you to take a moment to check out our article on Custom Fountains for Commercial Use to gain further inspiration for incorporating a water feature into your commercial environment.
  • Your logo and corporate identity serve to create a memorable impression with your customers and potential clients. Increase top of mind awareness by combining your logo with the universal appeal of a water fountain. Check out our article on how to Make Your Wall Fountains The Focal Point for Your Business Logo. Our custom water fountains can be designed to your unique specifications. Our custom fountain creations will reflect the style of your business - ornate or streamlined, large or small, traditional or modern. We hope you'll take a moment to fill out our custom fountains form to begin your custom indoor waterfall or fountain design! Check out the many custom fountains below for inspiration in designing your custom fountain. (Click on each image to enlarge)
Custom fountain with logo at fitness center custom water fountain at retail corporate office Custom fountain in medical office Parking lot with customized fountain
Custom fountain in hospital entrance Custom fountain design in office Corporate office logo on custom fountain Office entrance with custom fountain design
Custom water fountain outside hotel Custom fountain for medical office Fountain customized for waiting area Customized granite fountain in waiting area
Custom water fountain in lobby Custom water fountain in bathroom Custom water fountain in waiting area Large custom water fountain
Custom water fountain in living room Customized granite and copper fountain Stone custom fountain design Custom fountain design in lobby
Custom fountain at bar and grill restaurant Custom water fountain in kitchen Custom water fountain at corporate entrance Custom water fountain with laser etched design
Custom Fountain in hotel lobby Corporate office custom water fountain Custom water fountain Custom fountain for lobby
Custom fountain for spa entrance Custom fountain in retail entrance Custom water fountain with logo Custom fountain in lobby
Custom fountain for spa entrance Water fountain customized to fit in wall Custom water fountain on wall with laser design Custom fountain for restaurant or hotel lobby
Large stacked glass custom fountain Custom water fountain for corporate lobby Custom water fountain in waiting area Tall customized fountain
Custom water fountain design Custom fountain free standing custom water fountain Custom water fountain in retail office waiting area

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