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Wood VS Gas Burning Fire Pits

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If you’re looking into buying a fire pit, it may be a toss up between wood burning or gas fire pits for you. Here is a brief outline of some of the differences between each type, which will helpful help you narrow your decision.


Wood burning fire pits generally are cheaper to fuel than gas. Gas fire pits can run on either propane or natural gas, but neither will be as cheap as wood. However, gas produces less smoke than wood burning, which may be a plus if you don’t like the smell or the eye-watering which comes with smoke.


On the whole, wood burning fire pits will be more moveable than gas. If you run a natural gas line to your fire pit, that thing isn’t going anywhere. In the same respect, a gas fire pit which runs on a 20 lb propane tank won’t be a breeze to move either. Wood burning fire pits are light and simple to relocate. However, if you’re looking for a grand, permanent feature, you’ll want to go with gas. They don’t make very big wood burning fire pits that will make a statement; gas fire pits have more potential for the grandiose.


Generally, you can get bigger and hotter fires with wood burning fires. You can always add more fuel if you want a big fire with wood burning ones. Gas ones have limited flame potentially, because only so much gas will come out of the burner ring. It’s designed with more control, but that also means you can’t get crazy fires with gas.

Those are the big three differences, though there are lots of other ones. Hopefully that helps you decide better about what you need in a fire pit.


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