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Three Ways to Add Pizazz to Your Patio Table

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When having dinner parties out on the patio, I like having centerpieces that add elegance but are also functional. Unlike my dining room, when we eat outdoors, we’re at the mercy of the sun for lighting. It’s hard to dine and entertain when it’s dark out. But, here are three centerpiece ideas which are not only classy, but also provide lighting to your outdoor dining:

San Rafael II Solar Lantern- At 7 inches wide and 15? tall, this is a simple centerpiece option which won’t get in the way but will still attract attention. The lantern automatically illuminates when the sun goes down and turns off when it detects daylight. It has the look of seeded glass, but the panels are actually constructed from an all-weather poly which is a lot more durable than glass. It uses a solar panel to recharge the internal battery which powers the LED lights. It has 2 white LED lights which illuminate the lantern, and the faux candle within is illuminated by an amber LED light for effect. Durable, classy, and bright, this is an excellent and useful addition to your table.

Glass Solar Lights- These operate the same way as the lantern-using solar energy to recharge internal batteries which power the light at night. However, these are a lot smaller than the solar lantern: about 5? wide by 5? tall. What I find enchanting about these lights is the glass mosaic surface. When the sun goes down, these glass lights illuminate, and the mosaic pattern colors and refracts the light in entrancing ways. Illuminating for up to 8 hours, these solar lights look great on or off!

Tabletop Fireplace- Producing more fire than a regular candle, and a lot safer too, these produce enough light and lovely ambiance to the center of the table. Surrounded by tempered glass, you don’t have to fear someone accidentally lighting their sleeve on fire when they pass the salt. Unfortunately, these tabletops have a lesser burn time before needing refueling; they last about 1-1.5 hours per fill. But, the swirling flames are hypnotizing and provide really great table lighting.










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