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Wake with the Sun: Sun Alarm SA-3

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Whenever someone wakes up to a buzzer in a movie, I cringe. Through high school and college, I had to set my clock to buzzer because nothing else would wake me up—and I had to have my clock on the other side of the room, so I wouldn’t “sleep snooze.” But, it was an abrupt and violent wake up call, and I contribute my morning grouchiness to the buzzer.

The design behind the sun alarm clocks is that they’ll wake you gradually and naturally, so mornings can be a more pleasant experience. Simulating the dawn, these clocks are a gentler approach to mornings.

Soleil Sun Alarm SA3Soleil Sun Alarm Clock

The Sun Alarm SA-3 is for everyone and dawn simulators have been known to be especially helpful for people that suffer from SAD, or the “winter blues.”  Light therapy is a great way to cure these feelings and make for a new way to start the day.  The fall and winter months are best selling times for these Sun Alarm Clocks and can truly benefit everyone with a new and exciting way to get up each morning.

You can set the buzzer, nature sounds, or even the radio as a backup alarm, or just utilize the light alarm.  Some of the other great features are: a high-intensity LED light that will never burn out, battery backup, 4 nature sounds, digital display, FM radio, snooze feature, lamp and alarm feature!

For more information, you can click here to check out the Soleil Sun Alarm Clock.

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