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Wake up Naturally with Natural Alarm Clocks

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Soleil Sun Alarm Clock SA-3If you are one of those heavy sleepers who press the snooze button seemingly in your sleep, and wake up late, rushing to work, you’ve probably wondering if there’s a more effective way to wake up in the morning. The natural alarm clocks were the solution for me.

I started searching for information about how these natural alarm clocks work and why is the waking up with them so easy and relaxing. There was plenty of information on the Internet on this subject. There are two main types of these natural alarm clocks on the market, the sunrise natural alarm clocks and the sound natural alarm clocks. The central difference among these two types is in what they simulate to wake you up in the morning. The first one simulates the sun rising and the second one uses natural sounds. There are certain combinations that you can also find on the market.

The sunrise alarm clock imitates the rising of the sun in the morning by gradually increasing its light brightness. At the beginning the light is low and it becomes lighter and lighter until it illuminates the whole room, waking up your body and mind more naturally. The time needed for the lights to reach the maximum point depends on the natural alarm clock manufacturer, but most of them need 15 or 30 minutes. This is important when setting up the time you need to be on your foot.

The sound natural alarm clocks simulate different sounds of the nature, like birds singing, flowing of a waterfall or ocean waves breaking on a shore. This sound also increases gradually. We all know how irritating most of the sounds of the alarm clocks can be, so this really comes as a refreshing experience.

So, if you’re sick of the buzzer or waking up to 80’s music, you should try one of these alarm clocks to wake up in the morning. I guarantee they’re refreshing.


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