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Top 3 Fountain Brands

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I’ve seen a lot of fountains by various companies, and there are probably spectacular fountains brands which I haven’t discovered yet. But at the moment, these are my 3 favorite brands to go to when I’m looking to buy a fountain. I like their quality, their creativity, and their price effectiveness. They are:

Alpine Corporation– Alpine makes a lot of fountains, but they specialize in some very unique tabletop fountains. They make most of their tabletops from a polyresin material which is nice for indoors. Polyresin is very lightweight yet pretty durable, and with the molding process, you can fashion it to look like pretty much any other material: wood, rock, brass, etc. The polyresin is also really simple to maintain. Porous materials like granite or cast stone can collect algae or water stain, but algae doesn’t stick to the resin surface as easily. And, overtime as it does get dirty or dusty, the fountain can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The Alpine fountains have a lot of character, but I am especially fond of Alpine’s Rainforest fountains. Organic in form, they are designed like old, gnarly tree trunks or rock waterfalls. They are just breathtaking.



Campania International- With a focus on outdoor garden fountains, Campania’s entire line of fountains are made from cast stone. Though this makes the fountains a bit more in price as compared with resin fountains, they are still very affordable for their category. Cast stone is extremely weatherproof–just like rock. Substantial, waterproof, and looks great with any decor, Campania has a large selection of very creative birdbaths and fountains. The substantial construction of their fountains also make them ideal outdoor water features because you know wind, rain, or animals won’t knock these fountains down. They last as long as stone does.


Outdoor Classics– This brand has surprisingly affordable fountains. Mostly specializing in outdoor and solar fountains, you can find reasonable fountains with low operating costs. They offer a variety of solar options: completely solar, battery operated with solar recharge, and solar on demand. The true solar fountains run only on solar energy, so they run during the day and shut off at night. The battery operated ones can be operated at any time of the day, but need solar energy to recharge the batteries. The solar on demand fountains are the combination of both: they operate on solar energy and then can be switched to run on battery mode when the sun goes down. A large selection of environment-friendly fountains, they have a lot of classy outdoor garden fountains to choose from!

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