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Time to Clean Your Outdoor Fountains

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Outdoor Classics 3-Tier 48" Water FountainCleaning is the one downside to owning a fountain. None of us likes to clean, but by keeping up on maintenance and cleanliness, you’ll increase the longevity of your fountain. Plus, it will just look better.

Small outdoor fountains are very simple to clean.  If you have a fountain you can lift, simply dump the old water, take a scotch brite pad or mild abrasive sponge and scrub off the algae and as much of the hard water stains as you can.  (White scale or lime build up can be tough to remove once you have it).  You will also want to be sure to clean the pump.  This is what makes the water fountain and without it, you can’t enjoy your fountain.  Remove the pump from the fountain and take off the cover.  Use a small brush, even a toothbrush, and scrub out the small spaces.  You will probably notice a lot of algae and debris in the small spaces as your pump is stopping this debris from getting inside your water fountain.

Once you have your fountain clean add fresh water and consider using a fountain care product such as Care Free Enzymes or Fountain Fresh to keep your water clear and clean.  You may also want to use the No More White Scale for any fountain you have as it will keep hard water stains off your fountain.

Large fountains or stone fountains may not be quite so simple and can be somewhat of a daunting task if it is not kept up.  The best way is to do it piece by piece.  If it isn’t feasible to take the fountain apart simply scoop out as much water as you can, use a mild abrasive sponge and scrub the surface areas.  Remove the pump and clean it just like any other fountain pump.  Take it apart and clean thoroughly.  You can use the Fountain Fresh which is safe for all animals and wildlife or use an algae preventer such as Fountain Block or Algae Control.

Just a little care of your garden and outdoor fountains can go a long way.  You can also find many fountain care tips at our Tips and Advice Center at

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