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Relaxation Music for Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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HoMedics HMDX Unwind Bedside Alarm ClockYou can turn your Apple device into a relaxation sound machine simply by visiting the iTunes store. There, you can download free relaxation or meditation apps, or you can also purchase albums made for sleep aid, massage, or meditation. You can listen to it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod wherever you go and have audible serenity at the touch of a button.


You can also enjoy this music or nature sounds as you go to sleep if you have an iHome or any other docking device. For instance, this HoMedics “Unwind” Beside Alarm Clock is made to charge and play your Apple device as a sound system or a gradual alarm clock. It already comes with six nature sounds which you can fall asleep to or wake up to (Waterfall, Brook, Rain, Forest, Ocean, and Summer Night), but with your Apple device, the options are really limitless. Search “nature sounds” on iTunes, and there are albums with as many as 120 nature sounds (I found one which had five minutes of the Great Northern Loon Call, which was interesting). You can create a playlist of nature sounds or relaxation music and play it on your Apple device while you go to sleep. Or, with the “Unwind,” you can program it to gradually wake you up with one of these tracks. It’s a refreshing way to begin the day.

Besides that, you can listen to it on your way to work or while you’re working out. Granted, while you’re exercising, a Loon call doesn’t have the same “umph” as Alex Clare’s “Too Close,” but it may be an excellent accompaniment to your Yoga or Pilates program. Check out iTunes and see if any relaxation music tickles your fancy!

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