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Product Spotlight: Pachelbel Canon Wind Chime

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This wind chime was designed to mimic Pachelbel’s Canon, the most famous piece composed by Johann Pachelbel. Pachelbel was a Baroque German composer in the late 1600s, and though not popular at the time, his Canon in D surged in popularity in the 1970s where it was often played at weddings. If you heard it, I’m sure you would recognize it. Three of my friends and myself included walked down the aisle to this song. It’s a lovely, graceful piece which I think captures the spirit of a wedding day.

Wind chimes can trace their origins all the way back to Ancient Rome where these bells were suspended from buildings or pagodas to ward off evil spirits. The chiming sounds of the bells were supposed to protect from lurking spirits and give the owner good luck and fortune. Since then, they have evolved into instruments of relaxation and decoration, though they may bring luck as well!

Each silver aluminum tube of this Pachelbel Canon Wind Chime is powder coated for increase resistance in outdoor environments, and the rich ash wood complements this wind chime perfectly. With an overall length of 32.5 inches, this wind chime hangs elegantly out on a patio or porch. The ash wood clapper gently taps the tubes in the wind, producing faint echoes of this ceremonial procession.

A top selling wind chime, this also makes for a unique wedding gift. Not only will it bring audible and visual beauty to the newlyweds’ home, but the soft melodies it produces every time the wind blows will continually remind them of their wedding day. It’s an elegant gift which will always bring special memories to the happy couple!

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