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A New Plan for an Old Water Feature

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Have you ever seen Parks and Recreation? You know how in the first season, Leslie Knope starts a campaign to fill in that huge pit behind Ann Perkins’ house? Well the Parks and Rec department in the town of Gilbert is having the same conundrum, only they’re trying to re-purpose on old water fountain. It was a gift from the Salt River Project in 1999 to showcase an irrigation design. However, after the town built it, they found that because of its complex style, it was a burden to maintain. An annual $15,000 was spent to keep the fountain clean and running. So, the fountain was shut off due to a shortage in funds.

Full of leaves and dirt and rusting in between, the Parks department is brainstorming ideas to turn this eyesore into a new creation. Some ideas which have been suggested are turning it into a sculptural garden or an educational display outlining water use. It’s always possible to turn anything into an abstract work of art, but what to do with the plumbing underneath the water feature? The Parks department is still pondering, but they are determined to transform it into something new.

I can understand their want to recycle this water feature as it cost $30,000 to build. However, it would seem like less of a headache if they removed the piece and planted a garden or grass. Perhaps that would look like an ineffective use of resources, but it seems like a full proof way to tie up all loose ends. In any case, it seems that this old fountain will be the “pit” in their city for a few more years to come.

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