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Outdoor Décor in a Winter Wonderland

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Decorating in the spring is delightful. There are all kinds of possibilities with gardening, landscaping, water fountains, and garden sculptures, to name a few. But, when winter comes, you have to drain your fountain, bring flowers in, and cover your outdoor furniture. So, when the snow falls, how do you add color to your outdoors in a winter wonderland? Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways to keep your outdoor decorating alive despite the cold.

Solar Lights and Garden Stakes

Helios Solar Stake Light

Garden stakes are designed with significant height, so they shouldn’t be buried by the snow. Often constructed from resin or metal, they’re very durable and can withstand winter temperatures. What’s nice about garden stakes with solar lighting is that it will add flair to your yard, even at night. Use them as pathway lighting to help you make your way across the icy sidewalks or simply as decorative lighting. It will add color in your otherwise tundra outdoors.

Brighten Your Birdbath

Better Homes and Gardens


I found this awesome idea on the Better Homes and Gardens website. Unless you have a heater to keep your birdbath water melted, odds are you drained the water for winter. Better Homes filled the birdbath with cranberries, pepperberries, polished stones and orange slices to give a bright and citrus look to the back patio. These summer colors “pop” against the snow.

A Jarring Winter Accent

Found on Flickr by Raehein


I found this on Flickr, posted by Raehein. A wonderful way to decorate ledges, steps, or fence posts, you just take some mason jars and fill them with colorful Christmas tree ornaments! You can find them pretty inexpensively at a discount or dollar store, or just wait after Christmas for the clearances! You can also use this same idea with other things around the house–buttons, marbles, or beads. The ornament idea keeps with the season though!

Ice Balloons

Ice Balloons

This especially is a fun thing to do with the kids. I found this on Queen Vanna Creations, and it will certainly give your snowbanks a splash of color! This project is messy though, so make sure you wear clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty. Take a balloon and squirt a few drops of food coloring into it. Then, fill the balloon like you would if you’re making water balloons, making sure that you fill it slowly because if it bursts, it will be quite a mess! Tie off the balloon when you’ve filled it to the desired size. Then, in tubs or baskets, set the balloons outside to freeze. This might take several hours, depending on the temperature outside and the size of your balloons. When you’re sure they’re frozen, cut off the balloon and set these colorful ice orbs along your sidewalk or in your yard. Super fun to do!

Frozen Ice Lantern

Ice Lantern

I found this creative idea on This is a unique way to light up your walk way for any special occasion. Take two buckets, one small than the other. Fill the larger bucket half way full with water, and then place the smaller bucket in the middle. Weigh the smaller bucket down with some heavy rocks, and use tape to keep the bucket centered within the larger bucket. Then, add more water if you desire a higher lantern. Arrange greenery like pine needles or holly in the water, then place the whole thing outside to freeze. Once frozen, remove the smaller bucket and then take the ice lantern out of the bigger bucket. Place pillar candles at the bottom, and you have some lovely ice lanterns for outside!

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