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Out of the Ordinary Tabletop Fountains

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Perhaps the title is a misnomer as I can’t think of a “typical” style of tabletop fountain, but whereas all inside fountains have moving water, these three fountains actually have kinetic parts of the fountain. Each of these tabletop styles are designed to spin the crackled glass ball as the water moves through the fountain, and fitted with a color-changing LED underneath, these fountains also provide a hypnotizing light show. Each are constructed from a polyresin material which, while being conveniently lightweight, is also very easy to clean and maintain. A really fun addition to your home, especially at night!


Cascading Steps Tabletop Fountain with LED LightCascading Steps Tabletop Fountain- Water bubbles up to the top, spinning the crystal-like ball, and then overflows down the front steps, creating a soothing, trickling sound of moving water. With decorative rocks at the bottom to increase the water sound, the current runs into the hidden basin below to be recirculated again.




Crystal Moon Tabletop Fountain with LED LightCrystal Moon Tabletop Fountain- With a full moon style, the kinetic glass globe sits inside, spinning with the moving water. With light river rocks adorning the base below, this fountain is really eye-catching. Water overflows on either side, trickling down the ridges creating a soft resonance which will fill any room with peace. .





Harmony Tabletop Fountain with LED LightHarmony Tabletop Fountain- Designed with a shell-like style which amplifies the soft water sounds, the walls surrounding the spinning crystal reflect the changing colors, giving it a slight Northern Lights effect. Water runs down the faux stone ridges creating a trickling sound of water. A peaceful piece for your living area.

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