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Ideas for the Home this Holiday Season

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We all get the itch to make some changes to our indoor décor this time of year.  Yes, there is always the typical holiday décor and snowmen but it is also nice to make a change you can keep all year round.  Here are some ideas that I have found to be inexpensive and can truly make a difference in enjoying your indoor spaces all year long.

  1. One simple change you can make that can give your entire living room a makeover is throw pillows.  Even if you have had the same couch for years, changing out the pillows and adding some vibrant colors and patterns can truly make a difference.  Try seasonal colors or more fun patterns you can keep all year.  It is also fun to buy different size pillows and scatter them around the sofa and various corners.  Add another color punch with a new throw over the corner!
  2. Consider an indoor fireplace.  It sounds expensive but really, they are very affordable nowadays and can either be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall, even a small personal fireplace can change the atmosphere in the room!  The ventless indoor fireplaces simply use bio-fuel to burn and are truly stunning.  You can have a wall hanging model in your home for as little as $299 delivered.
  3. Candles and vases – you can do so much with something so small.  I have a hard time getting real creative so I have to visualize, this is where a site like Pinterest comes in handy.  I searched decorating ideas with candles and vases and was very inspired by what I saw.  Think outside the box and use existing things you may already have and create something new!
  4. Rugs are always fun to change out as well.  I always get a feeling of clean when I change rugs just because I have just added something to my home that has not yet been stepped on, spilled on or crumpled up by the dog!  Rugs are another inexpensive way to bring something new to your home and change the look of any room.
  5. Water features are continually becoming more and more popular as people look for ways to relax.  Dim lights, a book and natural water sounds can create a tranquil environment in any room of your home.  With so many styles you can start simple with a table fountain next to your favorite chair of you go large with a wall hanging water feature, choose rustic or contemporary, your choice.

Embrace the season and love your home to the fullest!

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