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The Health Benefits of Having a Water Fountain in Your Home

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Sure, you might think water fountains in the home are just nice cosmetic features; you might think their usefulness stops at their aesthetics, but you would be wrong. Having a water fountain in the home provides so much more than just a nice visual display, offering several health benefits that make having a water fountain a crucial fixture.

For those who frequently suffer from allergies, having an indoor water fountain can have a fantastic hypoallergenic effect on your home. Negative ions are produced from the running water of your fountain, which then attracts dirt, dust and other debris. The result is a system of air filtration that is more effective and less costly than buying up several ionic air purifiers and dispersing them throughout the house. The naturally filtered air is cleaner to breathe and less dry than many other air filtration devices produce, leeching out much of the moisture in the air in addition to the unwanted particles; running water acts as an organic humidifier and reduces the changes of mold buildup that can be found in their mechanical appliance counterparts.

This invigorated air can make it easier to sleep as many people suffering from sleep loss or insufficient sleep attribute some of the that insomnia to allergic reactions that disrupt breathing and cause other respiratory complications. Similarly, this purified air (in addition to supplying a good night’s sleep) can also give you more energy to start your day; or, if you stay at home, it can give you energy to be active, to exercise (yoga is fantastic with a water fountain in the same room), remodel, work- whatever tasks you need to get done, you’ll have a cleaner supply of oxygen to fuel your way through.

Running water is also great for the mental aspects of one’s health. In most people, running water creates a sense of tranquility and peace (which, from a psychoanalytic point, very likely stems back to the peace and serenity found in the womb) and can be a phenomenal tool in the battle against stress, anxiety and even some cases of minor depression. Running water in the house comforts one of our most primal fears of running out of clean water; though you’re not likely to feel those fears articulated that clearly (especially as the sink and showers are on hand), the feeling is a subconscious one that generates stress and anxiety felt on a more conscious level. Running water assuages that primal discord. Even the sights and sounds of running water can produce tranquility- just take all of those white noise machines and CDs people have been using as sleep aids for years as evidence.

Good relaxation can help any element of your life, from your physical well-being, to your mental status. The physical effects can help to lower blood pressure and hypertension while the sharp ridges of your mind are buffed away to an easy smoothness, allowing you more concentration, clarity and creativity to apply to other areas of your life or career. This is one of the reasons why so many offices have water fountains in them.

Water fountains in your home are, of course, a great way to add some style and ambiance, but their additional health benefits shouldn’t be overlooked as ancillary. Clean air to breathe and peace of mind are never overkill; and who knows, your indoor water fountain might prove the key to your success.

About the Author: Elena Morgan is an interior designer striving to reduce stress and live a healthier, natural lifestyle. You can find Elena reviewing home décor products for companies like Unison. Click here to view their selection.

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