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Fountain Accessories Which Will Keep Your Fountain Clean

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I have not met a person yet who enjoys cleaning. A constant, never-ending chore, there always seems to be something that needs dusting/scrubbing/polishing. That is why I don’t own anything which requires a lot of maintenance. So, when it comes to a fountain, though they are beautiful and relaxing, I dread cleaning them. But, did you know that there are fountain accessories and bottles of natural enzymes which you can get which will prolong the cleanliness and clarity of your fountain?

AlgaeThis Algae Control for Ponds and Fountains (Click Here) controls the growth of string algae and algae blooms in your fountain or pond. It can be used with aquatic plants and ornamental fish if used as directed. A 4 FL Oz bottle will treat 1400 gallons of water. This will keep your water clear and your pond or water fountain clean!

White ScaleThis White Scale Control (Click Here) helps prevent hard water stains in your indoor or outdoor fountain. When using hard water in your fountain, as the water evaporates, the calcium in the water dries on the surface of your fountain, leaving white, powdery stains.

Foam NixThis Foam-Nix (Click Here) will eliminate foam from your water fountain or pond. Especially in outdoor ponds or fountains in direct sunlight, there may be high levels of undissolved organics which can cause that unsightly foam. This defoamer is safe for plants and wildlife, and will eliminate and prevent that foam concentration.


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