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Feng Shui: What your Garden needs?

If you are lucky to have enough space outside your house that you can turn into a beautiful garden, no matter how small this space is, here are some products you can use to create good feng shui:

Outdoor fountains bring the element of water into your garden area. There’s a great variety of different styles, designs, materials and shapes, from which you can easily choose the one that best fits your décor and budget. You can opt for a smaller bird bath fountain, or even go for a larger water feature. The choice is yours, but make sure you’ll place it on a carefully selected spot that corresponds the feng shui elements interplay.

Wind chimes carry the essential feng shui elements, wind and water. Look for chimes made of durable and quality materials that have well-balanced sound, appearance and design.

For good feng shui select solar lights to surround every part of your garden. They will bring the gentle fire element into the whole outdoor area, and will inspire one truly magical feeling.

Add statues and different garden accents to bring peaceful harmony of colors, images and movements into your garden.

Birds are symbols of new opportunities, love and commitment, abundance and good luck, according to feng shui. Add bird feeders, baths or bird houses to attract more of them into your garden, and relax to their joyful songs.

Select from the great variety of offered stepping stone designs, to let your garden enjoy the gentle flow of the energy behind them, accenting life as a series of stepping stones.

For good feng shui your garden needs to have a place where you can relax, absorb the silence, or contemplate on the latest events in your life. Select your favorite furniture out of the many different materials and styles that are being offered, and consider the five elements requirements of each garden area when arranging it.

To bring out the purifying, inspiring and empowering energy of the fire, add a fire pit or a fireplace into your garden area. Such piece will bring excellent feng shui energy to your home.

According to feng shui, mirror garden balls are great protection cures, since they bounce any negative energy back to where it came from, and their round shape brings the energy of fulfillment into your outdoor space.

Interesting and unique canvas wall art will bring positive energy into the rest of the corners in your feng shui garden.

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