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Dog Lovers – Don’t Forget the Dog This Holiday

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We all love our pets but some times in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season our dogs can play second fiddle to the kids, decorating, baking, planning and of course shopping.  It may be just a simple walk in the woods or playing fetch with a ball that your dog would love or maybe he is in need of some new chew toys, treats or even new clothes?   Here are some ideas of gifts for pooches this holiday season as we all love to see our furry friends with a smile on their adorable faces!

  1. If you have a small dog they are always fun to dress up in costumes, dresses, t-shirts, even pajamas!  Little dogs are often cold unlike their big dog pals so these adorable outfits can come in handy.  I always like the unique clothing items and accessories at!  What dog wouldn’t love a new outfit for the holidays?
  2. Treats, treats and more treats!  If your dog is like mine, food is what makes her happiest!  Once the family is happily greeted with a thumping tail and a kiss the food dish is where she goes next!  How about trying some organic dog treats or a dog cake?  Even stocking up on their favorite treats and letting him find them in a stocking can make a dogs day right?  For fun, maybe try hiding the stocking with a little taste of what’s to come and seeing how long it takes him to sniff it out.  Fun for everyone and you will truly feel like even Chester got to enjoy Christmas morning.
  3. Dog toys can be fun for your dog alone and can be a great way for the kids to interact with the dog.  According to, here are the top 10 dog toys of 2012.  A couple are the Kyjen Plush Puppies Squeaker Long Body Aligator with 16 squeakers, the Nylaboen Dura Chew Wishbone Toy, Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball to name a few.
  4. Finally, a new dog bed would be the perfect addition to your home and the gift of a lifetime for your pampered pooch.  There truly are dog beds out there that will last.  You may spend a bit more but you won’t find yourself needing to buy one every year.  Small dogs may enjoy the Bowser Donut Beds and larger dogs the Max Comfort Orthopedic Beds.  Both offer so many colors and materials so you don’t have to worry about an ugly bed that has to be hidden in the laundry room, instead, get something that goes with your furniture and looks great.

Whether is a $1 treat, a walk in the park or a $100 dog bed be sure to remember your loyal dog this Holiday season and help them enjoy the holidays as much as you and your family.

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