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Custom Fountains for a Relaxing Business Atmosphere

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One of the best things about using water fountains as a decorative element is that you can find one to suit any price range or space. Once spring comes, you’ll be able to set up an outdoor fountain to fit a modest courtyard or huge garden space, and through the winter you can set up indoor water fountains for virtually any room in your home, from a tabletop fountain in a small room to a wall fountain to fit a larger interior. Beyond home décor, water fountains are excellent accents for business environments – and that’s where we get into more ambitious custom fountain designs.

The most obvious business candidate for a custom indoor fountain is a restaurant, because these businesses host customers in their working space for an extended period. People come to restaurants to relax and take in the atmosphere, so creating the right ambiance is essential. This website specializes in providing custom fountains that fit seamlessly into the surrounding décor – an essential trait for restaurants. The custom fountain should be large enough for all patrons to enjoy, but not so large that it transforms from a source of ambiance to an active distraction.

Custom water fountains are also an excellent addition to retail stores, particularly those related to interior design or relaxation. Customers need a clear demonstration that your store represents the atmosphere they want to bring into their own homes. In a furniture or home decoration store, a custom fountain can be used to being out the full potential of elements such as furniture and shelving. If your store concentrates on smaller interior pieces, a water fountain can bring your display stock together to express a common relaxing theme.

Beyond reception you might add a custom fountain to boardrooms and other central meeting areas, such as the main hallway leading to your primary office area. As a symbol for your company it promotes focus and builds morale. These are critical attributes for keeping productivity high, and serve to set your company apart from the rest. You don’t want investors, employees, management or clients to ever treat your office as just another set of cubicles.

Serenity Health has a large set of example custom water fountains from its work for major companies such as Lexus and the Marriott. Remember that even if a custom fountain seems a little ambitious for your business at this time a selection of standard wall fountains and other indoor fountains can provide a key accent for your office or other business space. Click Here to see a collection.

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