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Taking Care of an Older Dog

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Today, dogs are living much longer with amazing advancements in veterinary medicine. But, as your pet grows older, they will experience joint discomfort, muscle pain, and stiffness. It may affect how they sleep or operate day to day. You will need to do a little research and talk to your vet about how to give your dog the best of care in their senior years, easing their discomfort.

Looking Ahead

Strong dogs that are healthy will more than likely live to be much older. Just as exercise helps prevent osteoporosis, obesity puts unnecessary stress and pain on the joints. Keeping your pet in shape and giving them regular exercise will save them a lot of pain in the later years.

Comfort Measures

Owners might furnish a bed for large dogs to make their aging companion more comfortable. There are orthopedic dog beds that relieve pressure and support your dog while at rest. These often reduce the pain of arthritic joints and other ailments.

Reducing the caloric intake of your pet will reduce weight gain. Added weight in aging years can add to the discomfort of your dog. Older canines do not get the exercise that is needed to maintain muscle mass and reduce fat.

Try taking your aging pet on short walks to help with mobility. If your dog simply lies around, he or she will suffer more problems. Schedule walks when the weather is good and never too hot or too cold. This is much too strenuous on your older dog. Remember, with age your dog’s temperament may change as well if they are experiencing daily pain. If it is too extreme, you may need to talk to your vet for pain relief medications.

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