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5 Gift Ideas for Stress Relief

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We all know someone in need of relaxation. Maybe your husband’s job is stressful, maybe your sister is an anxious person, or maybe your friend has 3 kids all under the age of five. Or maybe it’s you! Perhaps the best gift for their next birthday or Christmas gift is a top relaxation product on the market today: a fountain. Natural water sounds are proven to reduce stress and ease the mind and body. It may be just the gift they were needing! Here are the types:

Tabletop FountainsTabletop fountains and desktop waterfalls are conveniently available in both electric and battery operated styles. They blend seamlessly into any décor with a variety of finishes including stone, metals, ceramic and slate. They use a re-circulating pump, which means that the water is all contained within the unit, making these fountains an option for any room in your home.


Wall Hanging FountainsWall hanging fountains are a unique and extremely stylish option to consider as an added interior design element. There are a myriad of options available to suite your taste. While a wall fountain does require some mounting work, it is definitely a unique conversation piece, and it’s out of the way!

Floor FountainsFloor fountains come in a variety of sizes and often reflect an artistic style. While they are generally more costly than tabletop fountains, they are available in endless styles to fit any price range. They will also produce more dynamic water sounds which can fill a room, where their smaller tabletop counterparts are generally quieter and have more even water sounds.

Custom Water FountainsCustom fountains can be created by engineers through a number of manufacturers. Your imagination is the only limit here. It’s a fantastic way to imprint your own imagination and make it a personal touch to your home.

The calming serenity of an indoor water fountain doesn’t have to stay at home. Many of the floor and desktop options make great office fountains as well.

So despite the stressful whirlwind life can become, consider giving the gift that keeps on giving: the serenity of an indoor water fountain. Whether in an office or in your home, a fountain will help restore some balance.

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