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5 Apps That Help Around the House

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Cell phones are essential in today’s world, with helpful apps that do just about everything from tell us the weather to help us bake an apple pie. Some of these apps help us where it really counts: at home. They help you plan better interiors, control security systems, and operate useful everyday items, so you feel like you’re home even when you’re not.

Arm Your Home From Your Palm


Image via Flickr by Yutaka Tsutano

Today, several home security companies offer free apps to control your in-home security system. These useful apps work like remote keypads. You can arm or disarm the system.  Many apps for top home alarms even offer advanced features like video streams from your security cameras and tripped alarm alerts. It’s a useful way to stay connected to your home while away, and you’ll have extra peace of mind.

Set the Mood from Your Phone

One innovative app lets you adjust some finer details inside your home from anywhere. With the iHome remote app (works with the Indigo home server), you can adjust your lights, turn on bedroom lamps, overhead ceiling fans, and even other small appliances. Turn on the TV, radio, or DVD players and your house will be ready to put you in a great mood when you get home.

If you have electric curtains, this app can even draw them or close them from wherever you are. You probably never leave the house without your cell phone, so it only makes sense that this device can help control things inside while you aren’t there.

Redesign Your Interior, Virtually


Image via Google Play

Several great apps help you design the perfect interior. These redecorating apps are very powerful, and most let you design in full 3D. Take 3D Interior Room Design, for instance — this app lets you repaint and decorate walls, add photos, and even change the moldings. By altering color combinations, you can come up with the best design for your tastes! This app also lets you add brick and stone to walls, so you can experiment with different interiors.

These apps run on tablets. Different versions help you design different rooms. For instance, there’s a whole app for your kitchen, and your garage and sheds. There’s also apps featuring thousands of pictures of interiors to give you more ideas for redecorating your interior.

Paint Your Rooms With Confidence

Room Design is another useful app gives you a range of different interior room painting options. This app helps you pick just the right wall color, pattern, or even shapes for your walls. It even has a feature that draws up architecture schematics for you. Design away to your heart’s content as the app autosaves in the background — you’ll never have to worry about losing your work.

Set Tasks Straight

If you do a lot of work around the house, these apps will help. Chore Master helps you track how long chores take, and gives you points for completing them. So, you can plan to get them all done. Another great app, called Timer, alerts you when baking times are up.

These apps are perfect for those who need more control over their abodes. Try them out, and be the true king or queen of your castle.





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