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3 Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas

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I have a hard time Christmas shopping for my in-laws because I never know what to get them. And though my brother-in-law would like a new truck for Christmas, that gift is a little out of my price range this season. Here is a list of three unique gift items I have found that will be so unexpected, it will be sure to be a hit!


Rainbow Maker– Just under $20, these crystal sun catchers look a lot more expensive than they actually are. These are great gifts also for people who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder. Hang them up in your window, and they will catch the sunshine, filling a room with colorful specks of light. I find this burst of color in my home really helps me cope with the winter. And, did I mention how elegant they look?


Tabletop Fireplace– Tabletop fountains are really popular gifts around Christmas time, but have you ever thought about getting a tabletop fireplace? You just fill the burner with Nu-Flame Ethanol Fuel, and you can enjoy a mini fire for hours either while you’re eating or out on your living room coffee table. Surrounded by tempered glass, these fireplaces have more security than an open flame on a candle while providing a 360 degree view of the fire. A truly dazzling gift for anyone!


Sound Therapy Machine– My friend who recently got married has had trouble sleeping because of her dear husband’s snoring. Another friend of mine who recently moved gets woken up at night from the train sounds in the city. Know anyone else who has trouble sleeping? I’ve found a sound machine to be an ingenious gift. Many double as alarm clocks and come with a wide range of natural noises like: rain, ocean surf, woodlands, white noise, and more. It will definitely be a good gift for those who have trouble sleeping!


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