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3 Unique Gifts for Your Wedding Party

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I’m very much a gift person, so for few weeks before my wedding, I was stressing about what to get my bridesmaids. All very good, close friends, I was finding it hard coming up with a gift that says, “Hey, you’re a very special person in my life, and I really value you” without buying each of them a castle in France. I ended up giving them wine and chocolate with a personal card, which I *think* they all liked, but I wish I had come up with something more creative. It seems that the traditional bridesmaids gifts are lotion, jewelry, or expensive chocolate. Not that these things are bad, but if you’re someone looking for a very creative and unique gift to give your bridesmaids, here are 3 gift ideas that, if I could do it over, I would have given my friends:


Rainbow Maker

A cascading string of crystal, this is a very elegant gift. Hang it on your window or on your porch, and watch as the crystals refract light all over the room in a burst of vibrant colors. Gorgeous by day or night, this is an intriguing gift for home decor. My personal favorite, the Crystal Moonlight Cascade Ball, is made from genuine Austrian crystals. Gorgeous yet cost effective, this is sure to be a hit.

Wind Chime

There are so many of these out there ranging from carved wood to cast aluminum. Many are tuned to sound like famous ensembles such as Pachelbel’s Canon and Ode to Joy. Perfect for outdoor or indoor decor, even the slightest breeze moves a wind chime into soothing music. My personal favorite is this Bellissimo Spiral Bells. Made from aluminum bells with black powder coated finish and bright crystal accents, this wind chime is a stunning gift to give.

Glass Solar Lights

Like getting a gorgeous candle holder but simpler, safer, and more beautiful. A lovely mosaic glass piece by day, the solar light illuminates when the sun goes down. It has a built in solar panel at the top which uses solar energy during the day to charge the internal battery which illuminates the solar light for up to 8 hours when fully charged. This is a brilliant and versatile gift for indoor decor. Create ambiance for an evening dinner date, use it as a bathroom night light, display it as a party centerpiece, there are so many ways you can use this for decor. You may even want to get a few for your reception! But this is a lovely gift which your bridesmaids will use again and again.


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