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3 Tabletop Fountains with Excellent Water Sounds

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Some people just like the look of a tabletop fountain without the water sounds, and some people really love water sounds in their home. Here are three fountains which are both beautiful for home décor and provide full, relaxing water sounds for your home.


Abstract Tabletop Fountain w/ LED Lights

This one is designed with a half-shell construction which helps amplify the soothing trickle of water as it flows down. It is also fitted with LED Lights which highlights the water and produces a slight Aurora Borealis effect. Check it out in the video below:


Eternal Steps Tabletop Fountain

This one uses multiple levels of water flow to create varying water sounds for your home. With an organic stone look (but made from durable polyresin), this fountain is highlighted by soft tea light candles. Watch this video:


Calming Bamboo Tabletop Fountain

The single stream of water which pours from the bamboo shoot is high enough from the basin to produce a vivid water sound, but unlike the Eternal Steps, it is a constant, deep sound. It combines the look of a ceramic basin with faux rock slates and the bright beauty of bamboo. You can hear its sound here:

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