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10 Tips for Creating a Cozy Night Outside

Posted by Alicia M. Bowe on

Creating a Cozy Night Outside

Red Quilted Double Fabric Hammock w/ Spreader Bar, Pillow and Stand Combo Sunnydaze Aluminum 9' Solar Patio Umbrella with Tilt & Crank Sunndyaze Log Holder with Carrier Sunnydaze Brisbane 4-Piece Rattan Patio Furniture Set Sunnydaze Hammered Copper Fire Pit Sunnydaze Brisbane 4-Piece Rattan Patio Furniture Set Sunnydaze Brisbane 4-Piece Rattan Patio Furniture Set Sunnydaze Brisbane 4-Piece Rattan Patio Furniture Set Sunnydaze Heavy Duty Multi Colored Drink Holders 10" Mosaic Gazing Globe Red/Blue/Yellow Sunnydaze Black and White Heavy Duty Outdoor Drink Holders Smart Solar San Rafael Estate Solar Mission Lantern Smart Solar San Rafael II Solar Candle Pillar Lantern Black Mesh Patio Fire Pit Bench by Sunnydaze

Spring is finally upon us and you know what that means? It's time to take the gatherings outdoors. As a young adult myself I find that in most cases there is not a whole lot of time put into making the yard cozy and comfortable. Because, let's be honest as a young adult it's usually about a good fire, food, friends and drinks. However by creating a space outdoors that was as comfortable as it was visually appealing, I found myself rethinking my tactics for future outdoor gatherings.

There are many pieces you can place in your outdoor space, and if you already have a hammock, patio set or umbrella, you can accessorize them to make them more functional, and/or cozier. Simply read through the list below of all the things you need for a cozy night in the back yard, and find out how I took my outdoor experiences from somewhat lacking to comfortable and relaxing.

Brisbane Patio Furniture Set

1. An Outdoor Seating Set

Being twenty-something means there's not a whole lot of money for things like patio furniture and creating outdoor comfort. However, with a little savings invested in a good patio set, you can get a lot for what you pay for; because it's all about the memories and the time you spend whether it's with your family and friends. Also, if your outdoor seating set ever seems like it needs a little extra cozy addition, try adding an outdoor throw and some outdoor pillows.

Red Quilted Hammock and Stand Set

2. A Hammock

Hammocks are a great way to relax. A quilted hammock with a pillow, now that's, fun comfortable and relaxing. Honestly, aside from the amazing patio furniture, the hammock was the star of the show. My friends stretched out in it, pretended to flip each other over and even took a nap in it! These floating mattresses are great for snuggling under the stars alongside a fire.

Hammered Copper Fire Pit

3. A Fire Pit

Fire pits don't have to be fancy to get the job done, but they are the center of the party in cases of campfire gatherings. My friends all came out for the first fire of the season because there's just something ultra relaxing about sitting around a warm fire when the weather is beautiful.

Patio Umbrella with Solar Lights

4. Patio Umbrella

Because the evening started early when the sun was still high, the umbrella provided some shade for those who needed it. Later that night, it was a source of light as we flipped the red switch when the sun went down for some extra lighting.

Solar Lantern

5. The Solar Lanterns

Clustering a larger and smaller solar lantern is a great way to add both ambiance and coziness to a space. We turned these lights on after dark and the mood grew much more relaxed and at ease!

Black Bench

6. The Bench

The fireside bench was a great place to have the S'more stuff because it was readily available and had a rack on the bottom for the S'more forks. Plus, having everything out and neatly protected by my cake stand (which is getting much more use than some of my other wedding gifts) everyone knew right away where everything they needed was to make the perfect S'more.

Log Holder/Carrier

7. The Log Rack/Carrier

Since our wood pile is alongside our shed, and the fire pit is somewhat further away from it, have this carrier/fireside rack was extremely helpful. When we needed extra wood and the rack was out, all we had to do was take the canvas carrier to the wood pile, fill it with some logs and bring it back to the rack. The functionality and simple design of the rack made it a huge win in my book.

Log Grabber

8. The Log Grabber

The log grabber ended up being both entertaining for some of my friends who had never seen one of those before, and helpful. Moving logs around in the fire was never this easy before using the log grabber!

Multi-Color Drink Holder Sets

9. The Drink Holders

With their fun spirally design and bright colors the drink holders were both visually appealing and useful. At first, my friends did not even realize what they were for until I showed them! We even had a  drink holder that holds 2 drinks plus a smart phone.

S'more Forks

10. The S'more Forks

These forks are the perfect length for roasting marshmallows and they come in sets of 4 or 6 so you can get enough for everyone with just one purchase! They also have vibrantly colored handles so they are both attractive and hard to lose in the storage shed.

At the end of the night (nearly 2:00 A.M.), we brought the cushions and pillows inside, in case of rain, and made sure the fire was out. Everyone went home completely relaxed, thanks to a comfortable and cozy outdoor space, a good fire and some laughs.

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