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10 Unique Gift Ideas for Holiday Party Hosts

Posted by Alicia M. Bowe on

With the holiday season fast-approaching, you’ll also start receiving invitations to gatherings to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, New Years, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, and more. An often over-looked tradition when it comes to attending such parties is a gift of appreciation for the host or hostess. Below you’ll find a variety of unique gift ideas any host or hostess would appreciate.

1. Wind Chime

If your host enjoys decorating their outdoor space, a wind chime is a great gift idea.

2. Wind Spinner

Watching a wind spinner dancing in the wind is simply mesmerizing and enjoyable.

3. Solar Lights

Another gift for those who love spending time outdoors, these  lights can line a path or be used for outdoor décor.

4. Tabletop Fountains

Add peace and serenity to your host’s indoor space with the calming sounds of flowing water from a  tabletop fountain.

5. Hot/Cold Therapy Products

Being able to relax after an amazing party will be the star on top of the tree for your host or hostess.

6. Drink Holders

Do they host a lot of outdoor gatherings? These drink holders are a great gift idea for keeping down the mess and being organized.

7. Wine Bottle and Glass Holders

These are a great idea if the host enjoys wine and picnics, pair it with a bottle of wine and you are set.

8. Rainbow Maker

Once they hang the rainbow maker up, the bright colors that reflect in the home when the sun touches it will bring them cheer.

9. Tabletop Fireplace

With the winter season progressing giving the gift of warmth from a tabletop fireplace is always appreciated.

10. Marshmallow Roasting Forks

If the gathering will be around a fire pit outdoors, these skewers are often forgotten or there are rarely enough, making this marshmallow skewer set both functional and thoughtful.

 If you find yourself interested in more unique gift ideas for the home and garden do not hesitate to visit us at Serenity Health & Home Decor.

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