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Gather 'Round the Fire for National Toasted Marshmallow Day

Posted by Jordan Rasmussen on

August 30th is down in the books as National Toasted Marshmallow Day. For some, the childhood memory of sitting around a fire at summer camp roasting dozens of marshmallows is truly nostalgic. But why leave it as just a memory? You can bring these special moments back to life today through the celebration and recognition of the beloved toasted marshmallow! Gather around the fire tonight with loved ones and get ready to toast 'em with a skewer or stick. After all, it is campfire season! To prepare you for these festivities, we've created a bonfire checklist so you can be sure to have all the necessary materials ready for your next fire. 

Wood-Burning Fire Pit 

Of course the number one essential item you'll need to roast that mallow is a fire pit! Check out these wood-burning pits and gas fire pits that can get the toasting job done.

Fire Pit Ring

Already have a pit? Looking for a way to spruce up the pit area and add a little touch of nighttime charm? Fire pit rings are a stylish addition to the backyard and are available in many unique designs, like this ring with star and moon cutouts.

Fire Pit Cooking Grate

Toasting marshmallows on a grate surely would be an interesting adventure, so you could always add some meat and veggies into the mix of food options for the night! In addition to your bronzed mallows as a treat, throw some hot dogs on the grate and have a delicious meal!

Roasting Skewer Sets

These roasting skewer sets with multi colored handles are the perfect utensils for toasting your fluffy marshmallows on this special day or another bonfire in the future! These 32" long skewers have handles that come in assorted colors and are easy to store away in the shed or basement.

Drink Holders

Dining outside is easy with these heavy duty multi colored drink holders! Plus, pairing refreshments with warm and gooey marshmallows is super important! 

Gravity Chairs

Get cozy by that fire with these zero gravity chairs complete with a pillow and cup holder. Available in 10 different colors, it's easy to recline back and get comfortable with a plate of bronzed marshmallows in your lap!

The Ingredients!

Get yourself to the store and buy those marshmallows in bulk because today is the day to celebrate these squishy, melt-in-your-mouth treats! Then it looks like you're all set for the best bonfire of the summer! 

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