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Dress Up Your Space with Genuine Copper Wind Spinners

Mesmerizing and visual movements make copper wind spinners the perfect addition to any outdoor space that is in need of a special touch of beauty and interest. These handmade works of art gracefully dance in the wind as they shimmer in the sunlight. Copper wind sculptures feature striking curvature that looks beautiful when twisting and […]

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Memorable Activities to do at Home this Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is quickly approaching and sometimes traveling is not always an option even with the extended weekend. With my wedding just a few short months away and my budget getting tighter every day, this is most definitely the case for me. So I came up with a few ideas to make the most of […]

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10 Unique Outdoor Seating Options

Creating outdoor living spaces allow you to extend your home into the outdoors which, in turn, provides you with more gathering space for friends and family. Comfort and abundant seating is not the only factor taken into account for many deck and patio spaces these days; creativity is also a major factor that is becoming […]

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Efficient Decorating for Small Spaces

Our Peacock Feather Rug

Background While I was absolutely ecstatic about my new title, fiancée, becoming engaged and getting married in less than a year meant we needed to cut spending somewhere… and when we found out that the rent for our beautiful 1200 square foot, two-bedroom apartment was going up, we had to take action. So we did […]

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Meet Alicia


  Writing, interior design and home décor have been passions of mine for as long as I can remember. Having the opportunity to write about them is the perfect chance for me to try to combine those passions into helpful and interesting blog posts. With that being said, let me introduce myself. My name is […]

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Beautify Bare Walls with Wall Fountains

Triptych Falls Wall Fountain

Does it feel like something is missing from a wall in your home? While bare walls are considered to be organized and clean, adding unique touches or features to them is what will set your home apart from the rest. So why not adorn your non-embellished wall with beauty and tranquility by installing a new […]

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Furnish Your Outdoor Space with Compamia

Miami Resin Wickerlook Conversation Set

Operating from its offices and warehouses since 2002 in sunny Miami, Florida, Compamia distributes commercial grade outdoor furniture to retailers, restaurant suppliers and hospitality projects; who then sell the furniture to you. Compamia’s wide selection outdoor furniture is the perfect solution to furnish your outdoor living or dining space. Compamia brand furniture allows you to add […]

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Transform Your Bathroom with Canvas Paintings or Prints


Has your bathroom begun to bore you? Then it definitely is time for you to spruce things up. After all, the bathroom is an important part of the house. And if you are one of those people who love to take long baths, you should consider adding some elements to the bathroom that give it […]

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Benefits of Commercial Fountains You May Not Be Aware Of


When I was looking to transform the outdoor space of my business, I looked at many different aspects of landscaping. However, I wanted something that not only attracted prospective customers to walk into our office for enquiries; I also wanted something that enhanced the existing landscape. What I zeroed in on was a commercial fountain. […]

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5 Eco-Friendly Lawn Mowers


Did you know that 5% of our country’s greenhouse gas emissions are contributed by the use of lawn mowers? California does. California has now enforced stricter pollution regulations, leaving lawnmower manufacturers struggling to get eco-friendly lawn mowers right. Although a green lawnmower can certainly help prevent harmful emissions, it is also helpful to maintain your […]

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