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5 Ways to Achieve Asian Style Home Décor

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These days achieving a certain style or theme for your interior décor can prove to be a somewhat daunting task. It’s hard to determine which elements of a certain style are genuine and which are more novelty. Asian style is a much loved and increasingly popular interior design style that is popping up everywhere from […]

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Maximize Space: 5 Brilliant Ways to Use that Space Under the Stairs

Closet Under Stairs

Not all houses are spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings. And while finding a place for everything is important, it is equally beneficial that you make the best of all the space available while keeping things in order. These days, using under-stairs space is becoming more of an exciting project than a mere chore […]

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5 DIY Fire Pit Ring and Rim Ideas


Backyard fire pits are quickly becoming a staple in many American homes. There’s nothing like gathering around for a fire on cool summer nights with a good drink and even better company. Whether you enjoy making s’mores and pudgie pies with the kids, or tapping into your inner outdoorsman by cooking delicious outdoor meals over […]

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Sound Therapy Systems and White Noise Machines–Your Ticket to Better Sleep


The idea of a white noise machine may seem rather confusing at the surface. Why on earth would anyone want to turn on a consistent noise to help them sleep, read, study or work? Yet somehow, people swear by these machines, and the technology is becoming more advanced as they become more popular. So what […]

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Where to Place Your Solar Fountain Panel


Solar fountains offer many benefits over electric outdoor fountains. First, they do not cost any extra to run as they are run by energy from the sun. Secondly, you can place them anywhere in your yard in direct sunlight and it does not have to be near an electrical outlet. In addition, because there is […]

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10 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is right around the corner, are you ready with his gift? Do you think he would enjoy a traditional gift, or something more unique? Sometimes dads are hard to shop for, especially when it already seems like they have everything. So why not try something a little more out of the ordinary and […]

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Fountain Amid The Flowers–A Poem by Alicia Bowe


A welcoming site at three tiers tall It graces the garden with beauty and charm, As water pleasantly rolls from tier-to-tier, You can see the glistening shine; It is a fountain beyond the trees.   Exuding tranquility, the fountain rests Artfully on a paved stone outdoors In the garden filled with emerald grass Amid vibrant […]

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5 Unique Places For Hammocks


Hammocks are a great place to relax and nap in. There are many safe locations and methods that you can use to hang your hammock. This blog post highlights some rather unique, and in some cases dangerous places people have hung their hammocks. We do not advise that anyone try hanging their hammocks in dangerous […]

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How to Decorate Your Patio in 7 Easy Steps

Seating Set

1.  Add Seating The first step in creating a welcoming patio is to make sure you have a place for guests and/or family members to sit. Depending on the size of your patio this could be in the form of a multi-piece seating set, an outdoor dining set or a small bistro set. If your […]

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Gone With the Rain, a Gnome Fairytale


Once upon a time in a world deep underground there was a tiny gnome village called Gnoborough where a small population of hard-working gnomes resided. This village was surrounded by woodland and the great Crystalwell River. The village was well-developed and well-run by virtue of the members of the Gnoborough Village Board; more specifically, Gus, […]

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