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5 DIY Fire Pit Ring and Rim Ideas

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Backyard fire pits are quickly becoming a staple in many homes. There'’s nothing like gathering around for a fire on cool summer nights with a good drink and even better company. Whether you enjoy making s’mores and pudgie pies with the kids, tapping into your inner "outdoorsy" self by cooking delicious meals over the flames, or just like to unwind after a long day, a good fire is a great way to spend time outdoors with family and friends.

Backyard bonfire enthusiasts are getting creative when it comes to their fire pits by taking the concept a step further by using patio block, edgers or retaining wall block for a permanent fixture. Below are some great ideas to get you started on your own DIY fire pit.


1. Fire Ring with Edging Block

If you're looking to spice up your fire pit with style, you could install edging blocks around the perimeter of your fire pit ring. The results look great and it's an inexpensive detail you can add to your yard. The 36" Heavy Duty Four Star Campfire Ring is the perfect size for a pit, and after its simple assembly it's just as easy to add the edging block.  


2. Fire Pit Rim and Patio Block

Fire pit rims can be used in a couple different ways. One way to add design to a rim is adding brick around the outside, as shown here with the Sunnydaze Fire Pit Rim. This is a classic and safe design that really makes the fire pit blend well with any outdoor space. 


3. In-Ground Fire Pit Rim

Fire pit rims can also be installed in-ground. This is a simple and easy design and it's also one you will find at many campgrounds and cabins. Don'’t forget to always call digger’s hotline before you dig.

4. Artistically Designed Fire Ring

Are you looking for a fire pit ring that will add art and unique charm to your outdoor space? Fire pit rings come in a myriad of different designs and patterns. This cosmic themed ring looks amazing when filled with an evening fire, giving you and your guests a little piece of the night sky at your feet.

 5. Fire Pit Table that you Can Decorate

A fire table is another great choice. Like a traditional fire pit, a fire pit table provides warmth and space for you and your family and friends to gather around. The beauty of the tables is that they come in a variety of heights. Some act more as coffee tables and some as taller dining tables. Plus there is room around the fire to place drinks or food. You can decorate the table and around the table however you wish with silverware, comfy chairs to match your outdoor theme, and more! Check out the Black Glass Fire Pit Table for some design ideas.

Interested in learning more about fire pits and outdoor heating? You can learn more by viewing this buyer’s guide. Check out other fire pit options in the fire pit category where you will find a variety of fire pit, fire ring, and fire rim options in many sizes for you to choose from.

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