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How to Reuse Rainwater for Your Outdoor Space

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Being eco-friendly continues to become more and more of a goal for many outdoor lovers and what better way to do that than by recycling rain water? Rainwater is easy to collect and even easier to reuse in tending to your garden or landscaping. You can choose to create a rain barrel or buy one […]

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How Would I Live Without Electricity?

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In the hustle and bustle of this busy world, many often forget to enjoy the outdoors, so I wonder what life would be like without electricity. Would life be simpler or would the world have evolved to the same pace it runs at today without it? Some cabins today do not have electricity. Some simply […]

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Can Modern Pieces be Used in Contemporary Spaces?


When decorating, the terms modern and contemporary can easily be used interchangeably. Modern design is static and the concept is unchanging. It involves clean lines, neutral color palates and pops of primary colors (usually used as accessories). Modern furniture pieces are often low to the ground, and have feet to raise them off the floor […]

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The Synergy of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Elements in your Garden

Camp Fire Pit

According to the ancient practice of feng shui our natural world is comprised of five elements, earth, and water, fire, wood and metal. Each element works out a different mood and energy, and balancing these elements leads to a harmonious garden space that benefits the homeowner’s personality. Although feng shui means wind and water, wind […]

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Adagio Water Features Brand Review


Close your eyes and picture a beautiful work of art that hangs on your wall, adding a natural, yet contemporary feature to the space. Now, imagine water gracefully trickling down an elaborately detailed slate, marble or glass backdrop in swirled colors that expertly blend in with or complement your home’s or business’ décor scheme. Can […]

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The Past, Present, and Future of American Home Design

Classic Home

American house designs and home décor trends have consistently changed at a rapid pace. In the span of a few generations, we went from humble log cabins on the frontier to McMansions on suburban cul-de-sacs. That’s one reason why it can be so difficult to predict future trends. After all, shag carpeting seemed like a […]

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5 Ways to Achieve Asian Style Home Décor

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These days achieving a certain style or theme for your interior décor can prove to be a somewhat daunting task. It’s hard to determine which elements of a certain style are genuine and which are more novelty. Asian style is a much loved and increasingly popular interior design style that is popping up everywhere from […]

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Maximize Space: 5 Brilliant Ways to Use that Space Under the Stairs

Closet Under Stairs

Not all houses are spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings. And while finding a place for everything is important, it is equally beneficial that you make the best of all the space available while keeping things in order. These days, using under-stairs space is becoming more of an exciting project than a mere chore […]

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5 DIY Fire Pit Ring and Rim Ideas


Backyard fire pits are quickly becoming a staple in many American homes. There’s nothing like gathering around for a fire on cool summer nights with a good drink and even better company. Whether you enjoy making s’mores and pudgie pies with the kids, or tapping into your inner outdoorsman by cooking delicious outdoor meals over […]

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Sound Therapy Systems and White Noise Machines–Your Ticket to Better Sleep


The idea of a white noise machine may seem rather confusing at the surface. Why on earth would anyone want to turn on a consistent noise to help them sleep, read, study or work? Yet somehow, people swear by these machines, and the technology is becoming more advanced as they become more popular. So what […]

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