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7 Ways to Prepare the Yard for Cooler Weather

Posted by Jordan Rasmussen on

Cooler weather is here and if you're from the Midwest like us, it's only going to continue to get colder out there. As much as I absolutely hate to think about it, in a few short months we will be sloshing through inches of dirty sidewalk snow, pulling ski masks over our rosy faces to prevent frostbite, and shoveling out heaping pounds of that fluffy white stuff from our driveways. Can you tell I hate Midwest winters? They can be brutal, but at least there's no need to worry about the health of your yard, lawn, and garden when this weather hits since we've got you covered with these important tips to prepare your outdoor space before the tundra!

1. Removing dead plants and weeds

The first important step to getting your garden ready for winter is to remove all of your dead weeds, plants, and flowers. There's no sense in keeping them around, so might as well pick them up and properly dispose of them to make way for more beautiful blooming beauties next spring!

2. Compost 

Speaking of properly disposing your leaves and plants, now is the time to start a compost pile! Composting gives you a great opportunity to create a soil supplement from materials we consider to be waste. In this article, Lowe's explains how to get your composting going. Designate an area to create your compost pile, collect greens and leaves for the area, and slowly add coffee grounds with old fruit to the mix.

3. Keep on mowing

Continue to mow your lawn for as long as possible! It may feel cold and brutal out, but your lawn is still growing even if it's at a slower pace. You can continue to mow up until that snow starts to fall and your grass ceases to grow. For several lawn care tips you should be practicing in October, check out this article from the University of Minnesota, a place that certainly knows how to prepare for harsh winters.

4. Layers of mulch for plants

Spreading mulch around your plants is an excellent way to protect them from the brutal, freezing weather. Lowe's points out that the mulch should be applied to the base of your trees and plants right after the first freeze. 

5. Sow, sow, sow

It's time to sow your perennials before it's too late! Plant now so they will sprout beautifully in the spring. If you're more focused on the present state and aesthetic of your garden, or simply live somewhere that doesn't experience freezing temperatures, check out these fall-blooming plants for your garden.

6. Rake it up

It's simple - rake up those leaves! Don't leave them out all winter to stick to the snow. Sure, they look pretty now but you'll thank yourself in the spring for cleaning up when you did.

7. Wrap up shrubs and other plants

It's important to wrap your trees and plants for several reasons. Harsh weather can cause damage to tree bark, flowerbeds, and roots, as well as potentially kill branches. Keep those plants and shrubs safe this winter by wrapping them up in plastic...trash bags work great! Need to cover other outdoor items while you're at it? Take a look at these heavy duty fire pit covers and fountain covers that could even double as a shrub cover if needed! 

Need more tips and landscaping advice? Check out these 8 apps to help you with landscaping.  Have some tips of your own to share? Let us know via any of our social media sites; we love reading your suggestions and gardening tips!

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