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Custom Water Fountains to Advertise Your Business

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When most people think of custom water fountains and waterfalls, they think of soothing sounds, relaxation, and enjoying the serene environment created by moving water. Although all of these can be enjoyed by anyone in any location that boasts a fountain, there are many reasons to consider installing a fountain in a business location – be it an office or a showroom – to benefit the company.

The same way that people enjoy wall fountains and other water features in their homes and gardens, clients, customers, employees and peers will equally find pleasure in fountains properly placed in offices and lobbies. The effects of moving water, both audibly and visually, create a calm atmosphere, thus leading to more relaxed employees and clients – plus, clients and customers have something to enjoy while waiting for service, and something to look forward to seeing on their next visit.

Additionally, waterfalls have been known to draw people in and act as “places of congregation,” as they are easily found landmarks, and have the added benefit of providing comfort to everyone around. Fountains can even help ease the tension that comes with first-time meetings (or stressful meetings), and can work as ice-breakers in sales situations, if employed properly.

A custom water fountain – featuring your logo, themed imagery, or text of your choice – can act as a great marketing piece for your business, especially if you have a storefront/retail location that hosts clients or customers frequently. Imagine a large custom fountain, wall-mounted, that greets people as they enter your place of business. The face of the waterfall bears your company logo or mission statement – confirming to the visitor that they have indeed arrived at the correct location – and flowing water sets the tone for their visit to your establishment, which will hopefully be a pleasant and productive one. Offering this kind of salutation to your clients is well worth the investment. Many businesses even choose to install custom wall fountains inside the doors of their businesses, or in conference rooms, lobbies, or behind reception desks, to act as the “official” signage for the company.

Additionally, many architects and interior designers use custom waterfalls as organic and interesting space separators, with the fountain(s) acting as dividing walls within a floorplan. Designers, too, often use wall fountains to accent material-specific décor, as modern, organic or classical looks, among others, can be complimented by a properly chosen fountain. And custom water fountains have become increasingly popular with doctors and in dentist offices, medical spas, massage therapy clinics and in hospitals.

So when investing in a fountain, remember that you are investing in something for your business that will last for years to come, while making a respectable impression on all who encounter it. There are endless opportunities when it comes to the benefits a custom water feature can provide your business – and from slate and stone to mirrors and metal, there is likely a style that suits your company’s décor.

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