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10 Unique & Useful Father's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Jordan Rasmussen on

Father's Day is coming up sooner than you think, and although it's important to honor your father everyday of the year, June 19th 2016 is an extra special day set aside for all fathers where they can be showered with love and appreciation. It's time to get Dad that extra special gift this year that he's always deserved. After all my Dad has done for me, I'd love to give him the world. But since that's not quite possible, these useful and unique gift ideas are certainly the next best thing! Since every Dad is amazing in their own way, here are some perfect gifts tailored to different kinds of Dads with different interests and tastes! And if your father is anything like mine, he fits several of the traits below; he's just that awesome.

My wonderful Father and I. Just one of many fathers that should be recognized and appreciated this Father's Day for all their hard work and dedication!

1. For the "outdoorsy and adventurous" Dad:

Camping Hammocks

If your Dad thrives outdoors and craves exciting adventures in nature then camping hammocks are the gift for him! They're easy to carry and lightweight, making them perfect for travel for your on-the-go Dad. He can take it camping, hiking, hunting, and more. He's sure to stay comfy and safe in these hammocks as they are made of 210 thread count tightly woven nylon material making them cozy and durable.

2. For the "handy man" Dad:

Campfire Ring

Does your Dad enjoy working with his hands and creating outdoor projects for himself? If so, a campfire ring might be a great gift idea because the area around it is easy to customize and build. He could use his creativity to place bricks or other material around the artistically designed ring to create an edging around it as shown in the above photo. The possibilities are endless!

3. For the "technology savvy" Dad:

Electrotones Sound and Sleep Machine

For a Dad who enjoys new and exciting technology, the sound and sleep machine is a great item to add to your list of possible gifts for Dad! He can enjoy its unique and relaxing functions like its sound therapy system and ability to continuously and automatically "listen" to your Dad's background for unwanted and disruptive ambient noise. Then, in less than 1/10th of a second the sound and sleep machine responds to eliminate these unwanted noises by remixing sound profiles and adjusting the volume to neutralize them without becoming disruptive. Impress your tech savvy father with one of these this Father's day!

4. For the "trendy" Dad: 

Canvas Wall Art

Every home has its own unique style and design. For a Dad that enjoys decorating and up keeping the originality of his home, unique canvas wall art is the perfect piece of art to gift Dad. This beautiful wall art above explores the beauty of solitude; take a look at other themes and several other colorful selections of unique art for Dad to hang up in his special "man cave" at home, the bedroom, or any other place.

5. For the "master cook" Dad:

Wood Burning Fire Pits & Grills

If your father loves to cook, this Northland Grill Fire Pit is perfect for his outdoor cooking and grilling needs. I always look forward to what my Dad has cooking up on the grill, whether it be sizzling chicken, juicy burgers, or seasoned veggies. This grill can cook it all, and it even doubles as a fire pit! Dad will love its ability to do both!

6. For the "laid back" Dad seeking relaxation:

Fabric & Quilted Hammocks

This Quilted Double Fabric Hammock with Spreader Bar and Pillow is the essential item for any easygoing Dad that enjoys kicking back and relaxing whenever possible. I don't blame my Dad for wanting to take a break from his hectic work life and rest, he works hard and certainly has earned some peaceful time by himself or with family and friends. Maybe your father is retired, or maybe he's just looking to spend his time off relaxing after work or on the weekends. Either way, he sure deserves it, and what better way to give the gift of comfort and relaxation than through a comfy hammock that comes equipped with a cozy pillow!

Lounge Chairs

Available in burnt orange and green apple, this lounge chair comes equipped with an attachable umbrella that will protect Dad from the sun on hot days, and a comfortable pillow to allow for ultimate relaxation. Dad will love this cushioned lounge chair while he enjoys napping, reading, or perhaps even browsing the web on his laptop or phone.  

7. For the "stay at home" Dad:

Tabletop Fireplace

Whether Dad is working hard from home on his laptop or spending quality time with the kids, it's always important to have a decorative piece in the home that provides relaxation and a sense of tranquility. Not only would the Ardore Tabletop Bio-Ethanol Fireplace by Nu-Flame be a beautiful addition to the home, it would also give Dad a little relaxation and let him escape from the stress of everyday life. It's important to recognize that being a stay at home Dad isn't always easy, and what better way to recognize it with the gift of tranquility that will add a little peace and harmony to the home for Dad!  

8. For the "gamer" Dad: 

Game Tables

If your Dad enjoys a fun game of darts with family and friends, then the Fat Cat Electronic Dart Board is certainly sure to please! He can place it in his personal game room, "man cave", or basement space. You can find several other game table options such as air-hockey tables, foosball tables, pool tables, and more here if your Dad prefers other kinds of fun game tables!

9. For the "constantly dedicated to doing yard work" Dad: 

Rolling Garden Cart

My Dad is notorious for slaving away for hours at a time outside perfecting the landscape and garden areas of our backyard. He works hard to make sure the yard is always weed free and that the plants and flowers are blooming properly and nicely trimmed. But the task of constantly kneeling, standing up, and moving can be daunting and tiring. Thankfully the Rolling Garden Cart with Work Seat, Basket, and Tray can make working on landscaping much easier on Dad's back and knees since he can sit in the rolling chair and wheel from place to place. Plus, there is a basket on the side of the cart along with a tray under the seat to place tools. Help make yard work easier for Dad this summer with this cart, available in three different colors!   

10. For the "organized" Dad:

Garden Hutch

My Dad likes to have his tools and outdoor appliances organized to make yard work more efficient. If your Dad enjoys organization as much as mine, the Red Cedar Garden Hutch is a great storage solution for keeping all his outdoor equipment in one place.   

Of course no Dad is exactly alike. Every father is special in their own way with unique personalities. No matter what interests your Dad has, at least one of these gifts will definitely put a smile on his face this Father's Day! 

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