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5 Ways to Have a Happier & Healthier Autumn Season


With the fall season just days away, many are excited for backyard bonfires, upcoming holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving as well as baking pumpkin EVERYTHING. The difficulty of getting up on cold, dark mornings during the fall and winter seasons is something that a lot of people don’t think about until it happens, myself included.  There are many […]

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How to Achieve Rustic Farmhouse Style—the New Design Trend in Home Décor

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Rustic Farmhouse trends are growing in preferred styles of adults of all ages. The homey feeling you get when you walk into a room decorated with rustic-inspired or country farmhouse inspired pieces is a feeling of welcome, warmth and comfort. Elements of this design can easily act as accents in a space or you can […]

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7 Fun & Memorable Autumn Fire Pit Gathering Ideas

7 Fun & Memorable Autumn Fire Pit Gathering Ideas

Make the most of your Autumnal season with a fire pit. While we do not need an excuse to use a fire pit, having a planned gathering or party makes the event that much more fun. Imagine the soft breeze gently rustling the multi-color leaves in your yard as you and your family gathers around […]

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10 Ways to Relax Indoors and Outdoors at Home


With Labor Day weekend right around the corner, a lot of families are planning their mini vacations away. However, with the hustle and bustle of the busy world, why not stay home and relax? You can easily relax indoors and out at home. If your kids aren’t too into the idea of staying, plan a […]

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7 Ways Hammocks Help Improve Sleep Quality


Have you ever thought about taking that leap into sleeping in a hammock? Hammocks offer several potential health benefits over the traditional stationary bed, including alleviated back pain, deeper sleep and more. Below you will find some different ways that hammocks could possibly help you. The best hammocks to sleep in are Brazilian or Mayan […]

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7 Ways to Use the Ashes in Your Fire Pit or Fireplace


In the interest of being eco-friendly and recycling things you normally wouldn’t consider, wood fire pit ashes or fireplace ashes can be utilized in numerous ways both inside and outside of the home. A lot of the things you can do with ashes starts with making a lye mixture (a solution of ashes and water). […]

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How to Reuse Rainwater for Your Outdoor Space

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Being eco-friendly continues to become more and more of a goal for many outdoor lovers and what better way to do that than by recycling rain water? Rainwater is easy to collect and even easier to reuse in tending to your garden or landscaping. You can choose to create a rain barrel or buy one […]

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How Would I Live Without Electricity?

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In the hustle and bustle of this busy world, many often forget to enjoy the outdoors, so I wonder what life would be like without electricity. Would life be simpler or would the world have evolved to the same pace it runs at today without it? Some cabins today do not have electricity. Some simply […]

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Can Modern Pieces be Used in Contemporary Spaces?


When decorating, the terms modern and contemporary can easily be used interchangeably. Modern design is static and the concept is unchanging. It involves clean lines, neutral color palates and pops of primary colors (usually used as accessories). Modern furniture pieces are often low to the ground, and have feet to raise them off the floor […]

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The Synergy of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Elements in your Garden

Camp Fire Pit

According to the ancient practice of feng shui our natural world is comprised of five elements, earth, and water, fire, wood and metal. Each element works out a different mood and energy, and balancing these elements leads to a harmonious garden space that benefits the homeowner’s personality. Although feng shui means wind and water, wind […]

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