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Natural Alarm Clocks & Sound Therapy

Gradual Alarm Clocks to Help You Wake Up Naturally

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Nature Sound Alarm Clocks & Sound Therapy Systems

Nature Sound Alarm Clocks & Sound Therapy Systems

Wake naturally to one of these nature sounds clocks or sound therapy systems. They are specially designed to have soothing sounds to gently wake you.

Baby Sound Machines

Baby Sound Machines

Create an ideal environment to lull baby or toddler to sleep with soothing sounds or sounds and lights. Many styles of white noise machines and sound devices for baby.

Dawn Simulators

Dawn Simulators

Wake naturally with these dawn simulators. Another form of natural alarm clock, a sunrise alarm clock is perfect for feeling refreshed and ready to start your day!

Download Relaxation Sound Files

Download Relaxation Sound Files

Download White Noise, Tinnitus Therapy, Nature Sounds & Meditation Music

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Gentle Wake Up Alarm Clocks in Several Styles

Enjoy stress free awakenings with our amazing nature sounds and light progression alarm clocks.These “natural alarm clocks” are all designed to awaken you gradually, with a simulated sunrise or your choice of several different nature sounds.  These alarm clocks have a progressive wake up which allows you to wake naturally and gently. 

Our assortment of gradual wake alarm clocks is wonderfully suited to create a relaxing environment to lure you to sleep, and to wake you up. These alarm clock designs are based on the sound principles of falling asleep gently and perhaps equally as important, of gradually waking so as to not jerk awake in a state of adrenaline-pumping shock.

Nature Sounds Alarm Clocks are based on sound therapy technology. They have innovative designs that let you purchase additional sound cards, or tap into pre-recorded MP3 sounds. The principles surrounding relaxing sound therapy have proven to help induce sleep and to help prevent stress when they are used as the means to wake each morning.

Sun Alarm Clocks are innovative light and sound therapy machines. The clock illuminates the room gently, fading in from total darkness to full illumination as if the sun had risen in your room. While the light increases, soothing nature sounds stimulate your awareness of your surroundings. These alarm clocks are praised as the most effective way to wake calmly after a full night's rest.

Sunrise Simulators come in several designs. The first is simply a dawn simulator, with light brightening to full illumination at the prescribed time. The second connects to your existing light and slowly brightens it, as if the sun were rising. The third combines the elements of a slowly-emerging dawn, while gently increasing the volume of the accompanying radio. The fourth brings in the dawn with subtle nature sounds and/or typical alarm features native to the average alarm clock.

Sound Therapy Systems for falling asleep easier and a calm awakening

Find our newest addition to sound therapy, the Sound Oasis and Sound Therapy System offering sound and tinnitus therapy.  Block out annoying noises, circumvent tinnitus discomfort and create a soothing atmosphere so you can fall asleep easier, get higher quality sleep, enhance concentration and feel more alert all day!

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