Natural Alarm Clocks & Sound Therapy

Gradual Alarm Clocks Help You Wake Up Naturally

The way you wake up can set the tone for your entire day. Yet, most alarm clocks offer only two options: a harsh beeping sound, or a radio that sometimes clicks on in the middle of a very loud song. These alarms jar us awake, starting the day with discomfort and dread that can take hours to shake off.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to loud, shrill or just-plain-irritating alarms. Gentle wake up alarm clocks are every bit as effective as traditional alarms, but instead of shocking you out of bed, they wake you gently and gradually – the same way you wake up when you don’t use any alarm at all.

At Serenity Health & Home Décor, we offer several types of gentle wake up alarm clocks. Wake up to gentle sounds, a simulated sunrise, or a combination of the two!

Nature Sounds Alarm Clocks use sound therapy technology to induce sleep and help you wake up stress free. Nature Sounds alarm clocks are available in innovative designs that let you purchase additional sound cards, or tap into pre-recorded MP3 sounds. White noise MP3s are available for download on our site. Our selection is broad, so you are bound to find the sounds that relax you most!

Sunrise Simulators come in several designs. The first is simply a dawn simulator, with light that brightens to full illumination at the set time. The second connects to your existing light and slowly brightens it, as if the sun were rising. The third combines the elements of a slowly-emerging dawn, while gently increasing the volume of the accompanying radio. The fourth brings in the dawn with subtle nature sounds and/or typical alarm features native to the average alarm clock.

Baby Sound Machines block out the street noise and other sounds that can interrupt a baby’s slumber. They are available in several different styles and offer unique features, such as motion picture projection and portability. Our selection even includes plush sound machines that double as sleep toys. We are confident that our catalog offers the right sleep solution for your child.

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